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Speak to a doctor to receive personal treatment for Menopausal symptoms

There is a national shortage of OB/GYN healthcare providers—leaving many menopausal women at a loss for how to live with their draining symptoms. At Heally, our board-certified doctors give you the naturally-healing lifestyle and dietary recommendations you needed, like, yesterday. Doctors on the platform specialize in many areas, including:

Anxiety and Stress
Pain Management
Women's Health

Menopause is a natural bodily process, but living with its symptoms doesn't have to be debilitating.

From hot flashes to chills, mood changes, weight gain, and even disruptions to your sleep—symptoms may be dragging your energy level down and affecting your happiness.

How does Heally work for Menopause?

Our board-certified doctors, with specialties in Ob-Gyn, are ready to help you through this. For a single payment of $99, Heally provides a quick and easy 100% online process. Simply register on the website to be matched via HIPAA-compliant video chat to a specialist—within minutes.

How can Heally doctors help?

Our specialists will talk with you to understand your condition, and provide natural and holistic treatment recommendations that fit your body and lifestyle. Because relief shouldn’t depend on being able to come in to an office.