Get your Rhode Island Medical Marijuana Card

A medical marijuana card in Rhode Island is $200 for the year. Only pay if approved by the doctor.

Heally makes getting your Rhode Island medical marijuana card very simple

Our doctors are available without appointment from 8 AM – 10 PM, seven days a week. All you need is a smart phone or a computer.

Register on our easy-to-use platform
Connect with a Rhode Island medical marijuana doctor online - no appointment needed
Total Cost for Consultation and Recommendation is $200
Submit your application, receive your ID card, and visit a medical marijuana dispensary

Ask our doctors about how cannabis can help you

Have a physician review your medical history or current medication list, to see if cannabis can help you achieve your wellness goals. Marijuana Doctors on the Heally platform specialize in many areas including:

Anxiety and Stress
Sports Medicine
Pain Management
Addiction Treatment
Women's Health

Cannabis in Rhode Island

While recreational use of cannabis in Rhode Island remains illegal, medical marijuana in Rhode Island has been helping patients find relief and cope with their ailments since 2006.

Additionally, Rhode Island allows for qualified out-of-state patients to access and purchase marijuana from their dispensaries. Out-of-state patients only need to bring their relevant home-state documentation.

For more detail into the RI process, read: How to get a medical card in Rhode Island.

How to qualify for medical marijuana in rhode island

Compared to other states, Rhode Island accepts a larger variety of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana. See the list here.

Unlike in other states, Rhode Island does not require that you have tried traditional treatments for the condition before applying.

Please note that some doctors make it a policy not to recommend marijuana as a treatment for any condition. To avoid these situations, you can use Heally to connect with a medical marijuana doctor online in Rhode Island.

How does Heally Work in Rhode Island?

To get your Rhode Island medical marijuana card with Heally, firstcreate an account. Then, we’ll connect you with one of our doctors in a telehealth appointment that works with your schedule. If the doctor thinks cannabis is the right treatment for you, you’ll receive a signed Practitioner Written Certification Form that you can should use to submit along with your Patient Application Form. Once approved, the Rhode Island Health Department will mail you a medical marijuana card within 5-10 days. The whole process will cost $200, pending your doctor’s approval of his/her standard of care.

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