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Our telehealth solutions are perfect for licensed physicians looking for flexibility and supplemental income. By becoming a doctor in our telehealth network, you’re getting access to patients who are actively seeking your services.

  • Dive into the best telehealth platform for therapists.
  • Offer alternative medicine e-consultations seamlessly.
  • Join our growing alternative medicine practitioners network.
  • Benefit from a HIPAA compliant telehealth platform.
  • Boost visibility with online doctor promotion.
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How to join Heally's telehealth network?

At Heally, we're looking for passionate practitioners who are dedicated to offering holistic care. If you're a functional doctor,
Accupuncturist, Nutritionist, or other alternative medicine specialists, we invite you to become a part of our network.

1. Register with Heally as a Doctor

Begin by signing up on our platform. Our registration process is simple, ensuring a seamless start for professionals like you.

2. Fill Out Information About You

Provide essential details about your practice, qualifications, and areas of expertise. This will help potential patients connect with the right specialist, ensuring the best care possible.

3. Connect with Patients Online

Once registered, you'll gain access to our user-friendly telehealth solution, allowing you to schedule, manage, and conduct virtual consultations. Enhance your patient reach and be a part of our mission to revolutionize alternative healthcare technology.

Connect to patients online in any state

Heally is an innovative telehealth platform dedicated to expanding the reach of alternative medicine practitioners. By facilitating virtual consultations for naturopaths, chiropractors, herbalists, acupuncturists, and other holistic doctors, Heally plays a crucial role in modern healthcare. This secure, HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform allows you to connect with patients across different states, extending the boundaries beyond your physical location. As part of Heally's telehealth network, providers can thrive in the digital space, elevating their practice through technology and continuous support.

Expand Your Patient Base

Being a part of Heally’s network allows for an unprecedented expansion of your practice. With Heally, you can connect with patients from different states, all from the comfort of your clinic or home. This exposure means a wider audience for your services, translating to a broader patient base.

Streamline Your Practice Management

Bid farewell to the cumbersome process of handling appointments and patient records. Heally's telehealth management platform is designed with an intuitive interface that simplifies administrative tasks. Easy scheduling, organized record-keeping, and streamlined billing make your practice more efficient, allowing you to focus more on patient care than on paperwork.

Navigate Telehealth with Ease

Transitioning to a virtual platform can seem daunting, especially with the technical aspects involved. However, Heally makes this shift smooth and worry-free. The platform provides the resources and support needed to migrate your services online seamlessly, guiding you through every step and ensuring your virtual clinic is set up for success.

Stand Out in the Healthcare Arena

In an industry where alternative healthcare providers compete with traditional practices, Heally gives you an edge. By highlighting the unique services and specialties of holistic doctors, the platform helps you carve out your niche, reaching patients specifically seeking alternative medicine solutions. Enhance your online presence and reputation through Heally, the best online platform for doctor reviews and promotion.

Convenient and Secure Patient Interaction

Prioritize patient engagement and confidentiality with Heally's secure telehealth platform. The HIPAA-compliant system ensures all consultations are private and secure, building patient trust. Moreover, the convenience of remote consultations leads to higher patient satisfaction, fostering a loyal patient following.

By addressing common challenges faced by alternative medicine practitioners, Heally paves the way for a transformative approach to holistic healthcare in the digital age. Join Heally today to revolutionize your practice, connect with more patients, and harness the full potential of telehealth solutions.

Heally is a Trusted HIPAA-Compliant Platform for Holistic Doctors

"Ever since I joined Heally, my patient reach has expanded exponentially. The platform is incredibly intuitive, and knowing it's HIPAA-compliant gives me and my patients the peace of mind we need."
Dr. Jane Robinson
"Heally has transformed the way I practice holistic medicine. The telehealth interface is smooth, efficient, and secure. I couldn't be happier with the growth I've experienced!"
Dr. Aiden Lee
Functional Medicine provider
"Connecting with patients across the state has never been easier! Heally offers a seamless blend of technology and holistic healthcare, ensuring both practitioners and patients have a satisfactory experience."
Dr. Emily White

Ready To Integrate Telehealth Solutions Into Your Practice?

We offer many useful and informative resources to assist you in familiarizing yourself with the law and the process. Sign up to learn more.

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  • Who can join Heally’s telehealth platform for providers?

    Any clinic, independent privuder, and especially Alternative medicine doctors, including naturopaths, herbalists, accupuncturists, and other holistic specialists, can register with Heally's virtual telehealth platform to power their clinics and enhance their reach.

  • Is Heally a free telehealth platform?

    While Heally offers tremendous value, it isn't entirely free. We've structured our pricing to ensure holistic practitioners derive significant benefits in line with their investment.

  • What details are required to register on the best Telemedicine solutions for holistic doctors?

    You'll need to provide practice specifics, your qualifications, and specialty areas. This ensures patients find the right alternative medicine doctor in our network. You can also choose to just see your own patients and customers.

  • How does Heally position itself as a top telehealth platform for alternative medicine doctors?

    Heally seamlessly connects holistic health professionals with a vast patient base, offering an intuitive interface for consultations, scheduling, and record management.

  • How will the telehealth management platform help me attract and engage patients?

    Our telemedicine software platform promotes holistic practitioners to a broad audience, making it easy for patients to discover and engage with professionals tailored to their needs. The Heally platform also has automated engagement campaigns designed to boost revenue.

  • How do I handle appointment schedules and patient records on Heally's platform?

    Heally's telemedicine software comes with an integrated dashboard for effortless appointment management and a secure environment for patient record maintenance. We also make the switch to the heally paltform seamless.

  • Can I get assistance navigating the telehealth solution for alternative healthcare?

    Yes, Heally ensures holistic doctors receive technical support, guiding them through the platform's features and ensuring smooth virtual consultations.