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Our telehealth solutions are perfect for licensed physicians looking for flexibility and supplemental income. By becoming a doctor in our telehealth network, you’re getting access to patients who are actively seeking your services.

Help Patients. Save Time. Stay Secure.

Heally is a complementary and alternative medicine company working to alleviate the heavy toll of the opioid and prescription drug epidemics through telehealth solutions. Our doctors’ telehealth network makes it easier for patients to have access to knowledge, practitioners, and natural treatment options for their ailments. We do this in many ways, such as connecting patients with licensed physicians, partnering with clinics, maintaining a holistic health blog, and our natural supplement marketplace. Heally is your telehealth platform.

Higher Income

You earn additional revenue for conducting consultations online without the expanding overhead of additional hours, clinic space, or more staff.

Flexible Hours

You have the versatility to see your patients when it’s convenient for you, anytime, anywhere. Meet your patients in a secure, private meeting with our telehealth solutions.

Influx Of Patients

Heally routes patients to you on enrollment based on their needs and your criteria, eliminating the risk associated with challenging in-person visits.

Heally provides doctors with an array of services

From processing management technology to secure and organized medical record keeping, Heally has you covered with the resources you need to start saving more than just time. Our telehealth solutions are designed to meet the needs of our telehealth doctors so they have the tools they need to successfully integrate telehealth into their practice. Here are some of the services offered by our doctors’ telehealth network:

Processing Management

Centralized Payment Processing Management, Billing and Revenue Reporting

Messaging Features

Visit Management and Patient Messaging Features

Medical Record

Secure/HIPAA Compliant Medical Record Keeping

Date Reference

Up to Date Reference Materials on all things Alternative healthcare.

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