Marijuana Card & Marijuana Doctors Recommendation Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get information about Heally’s services in my state or province?

Visit the home page and select your state to understand your local laws and how we can service you.

Do I need a state-issued medical marijuana ID to legally possess marijuana?

No, you are not obligated to apply for a state issued ID card, or to join a state registry. You will receive a hard copy recommendation letter that is signed by the doctor after your evaluation. We do advise that you carry a hard copy of your recommendation as you will need it for verification purposes at dispensaries. You will also have the option of acquiring a recommendation card which is a much smaller and a more convenient version of the recommendation letter.

Do I need to renew my medical marijuana recommendation?

Yes, your recommendation has to be renewed once a year. Heally will send you notification reminders prior to your current recommendation’s expiration date.

Do you accept medical insurance?

Unfortunately, Heally doesn’t accept medical insurance of any kind.

Is your service legal?

Yes, our service is legal. Every doctor is a licensed physician in the state of California and their credentials are verified through the medical board. Heally is backed by secure HIPAA Compliant policies to ensure safety, security and legality.

What if I lost my recommendation?

Not to worry! If you lost your recommendation, you can always sign in to your Heally account and print a new one.

What is a medical marijuana recommendation and what am I able to do with it?

If a licensed physician identifies cannabis as a potential treatment for your health condition, they may write out a recommendation. With that recommendation you are able to purchase and consume medical marijuana in accordance with the laws of the state of California.

What medical conditions typically qualify for a Medical Marijuana recommendation?

Any illness where the medical use of marijuana has been considered appropriate and recommended by a licensed physician. Some of the qualifying conditions are:

  1. Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)
  2. Anorexia
  3. Arthritis
  4. Cachexia
  5. Cancer
  6. Chronic pain
  7. Glaucoma
  8. Migraine
  9. Persistent muscle spasms, including, but not limited to, spasms associated with multiple sclerosis.
  10. Seizures, including, but not limited to, seizures associated with epilepsy.
  11. Severe nausea.
  12. Any other chronic or persistent medical symptom that either:
    1. Substantially limits the ability of the person to conduct one or more major life activities as defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (Public Law 101-336).
    2. If not alleviated, may cause serious harm to the patient’s safety, physical or mental health.
When are your doctors available?

Our doctors are available on demand during Heally’s business hours from 9am-10pm pacific everyday.

Will you share my information with anyone?

No, your information is confidential and is only shared with you and your doctor. Your medical records will be maintained in our HIPAA compliant secure system. Your health insurance company, employer, or any other entity will NOT have access to this information. Your information is private and secure.