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High-quality doctors, available now, via online video. Get your cannabis card now with a licensed physician. The process is easy, affordable, and rewarding. Heally is ready to guide you through the process of getting a cannabis card online.

Learn more about the Medical Card Process in your state.

Interested in getting your medical card? Every state has its own laws regarding medical cannabis. If you’re interested in using THC products, you need to learn more about the requirements and the process of obtaining a cannabis card. Heally can help you by connecting you with our network of medical cannabis doctors. We’ll help you reach a doctor in your state, giving you access to all the information you need to know about the medical card process. Our doctors are online from 7 am-10 pm and they’re ready to answer your questions. If you live in any of the following states, give us a call and speak with an expert to learn how to obtain a cannabis card:

Guidance on alternative treatment.

At Heally, we want to make it easier for people to choose natural alternatives. There are many benefits to having a cannabis card, and we’re ready to take you through the process. Speak with a licensed physician who specializes in alternative treatment and who can evaluate your condition and recommend natural treatment today! We offer CBD, and other natural supplements available nationwide. If your condition benefits, our doctors are qualified to issue a cannabis card online. Find your best self with natural products and CBD tailored to your specific health and wellness needs

At Heally, We're Improving Quality of Life through Integrative, Holistic Health

Heally’s mission is to make it easier for people to see their doctor online to find alternative treatment to opiates and other drugs, for both pain relief and improving overall health. We do that in a few ways. First, Heally provides access to telehealth platforms, facilitating visits with a holistic medicine doctor who is knowledgeable in the medicinal aspects of integrative health — all without ever leaving your home. After consulting your holistic doctor online, you can find your recommended products at the Heally Marketplace. The Heally Marketplace contains curated holistic products meant to reduce pain and inflammation. Everyone responds to medicine differently, so we’ve chosen products menus with an array of consumption methods. Ordered from the comfort of your home, and delivered straight to your door, the Heally Marketplace makes the journey of pain-relief a little less painful. There is no cost to create an account and holistic medicine doctors are available on-demand from 9am to 10pm everyday.

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