What is Homeopathy Treatment?

Homeopathic medicine is one of the hallmarks of natural, alternative medical care. In homeopathic treatment, we examine the root cause of a patient’s health concerns, working to stimulate the body’s natural healing responses. Physical symptoms the body produces are a natural response and are the body’s way of trying to heal itself and restore balance.

Most homeopathic medicine comes from plants, animals, or minerals and is both environmentally friendly and cruelty-free. Our remedies are made from a tincture of the substance to be used. The tincture is diluted repeatedly in highly purified water and shaken vigorously in a process known as dilution and succussion. The mixture becomes more potent and more deeply acting the more times it is diluted and succussed. The tincture is added to sugar pills or pellets. The pills or pellets can be taken as a dry dose, in which they are placed under the tongue to dissolve, or as plussed or LM doses, in which they are dissolved in water and succussed before a specific dose is taken.

Homeopathy treatments work by moving the body’s healing energy towards health. Homeopaths theorize that when a remedy has resonance with the body, its energy balances the body’s healing system.

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Your Treatment Journey

  • The Initial Visit

    When you choose homeopathy with Heally, your first step is to schedule an initial consultation with a telehealth homeopath. They will discuss your medical history, the conditions you’re struggling with, your treatment goals, and the homeopathic treatments that may best help you. Any medication or supplements will be mailed directly to you. You can also schedule a follow-up visit.

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  • Your Follow-Up Visit

    Follow-up appointments allow you to check in with your homeopath and discuss how well your treatment plan is working. Together, you can make any necessary adjustments to your treatments to best promote your overall health and wellness.

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Homeopathic Services at Heally

Homeopathy is used to address myriad health issues and common ailments, and with homeopathic medicine online, you can find what you need with ease.

Some of the homeopathic medicines offered at Heally help support:

  • Menopause — Uplifting your mood during menopause can help combat the anxiety and depression that often come with menopause.
  • Hormonal imbalances in women — Balancing hormones is vital to living a happier life.
  • Skin conditions — Utilizing topical creams can help accelerate the healing process with several skin conditions, including eczema, even in children.
  • Recurrent infections — Boosting your immune system using homeopathy treatments can help prevent recurrent infections for the ear, nose, and throat.
  • Ailments during pregnancy — Pregnancy can include nausea and sciatica, but thankfully, there are natural treatments available that won’t cause adverse reactions.
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Talk to a Homeopath online., and get the treatment you need.

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At Heally, our homeopathic therapies can help address the underlying imbalances causing your discomfort or health concerns. Talk to a homeopath now about using homeopathy treatments and start feeling healthier, naturally!