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Take care of your health with the help of a medical marijuana online certification. Apply for your MMJ card in AZ without leaving home! Your personal data is HIPAA-protected. Browse through all valuable information about medical marijuana in Arizona. Receive professional medical assistance and support, and start your medical marijuana journey right now.

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How to get a medical marijuana card in Arizona?

You can connect to marijuana doctors from 8 AM to 10 PM every day. Schedule a consultation at a convenient time. Heally makes it easy to get a medical cannabis card in AZ in 15 minutes with a 4-step registration process. See the step-by-step instructions below on how to get a medical marijuana card in Arizona.

  • Review Qualifying Conditions

    The first thing you'll need to do is review the qualifying conditions for a medical marijuana card in Arizona. See the list of approved conditions below. If you notice anything unclear about qualifying conditions in Arizona, do not hesitate and seek professional consultation. That is how you can get valuable information on your case.
  • Register with Heally

    Fill out a quick intake form to get started with the AZ medical card process. Our platform is designed for your convenience. In a few clicks, you will be able to initiate the process of gaining medical marijuana card. With Heally, it is accessible and approachable.
  • Visit Online Your Medical Marijuana Doctor

    Book your appointment with a certified medical marijuana doctor. You can do this instantly or schedule one at your convenience. In the meeting, your doctor will provide a medical evaluation, and if approved, they fill out and sign your Medical Marijuana Physician Certificate.
  • Receive Your Medical Cannabis Card in AZ

    Your appointment will generally be about 15-30 minutes. The doctor will give you the needed medical records and documents to begin the process of obtaining medical marijuana card in Arizona. With all forms, you will be able to apply on the ADHS portal and then receive your ID. Also, you receive recommendations on dosage and type of medical cannabis, which is the best for you.

Once you have registered with Heally and approved by the doctor, you must log in to your Arizona Medical Marijuana registry and pay the state fee of $150. Your Arizona medical marijuana card is valid for 2 years.

Process for Getting Your Medical Marijuana Card in Arizona

  1. Once a doctor on the Heally platform approves you, you can sit back and relax while we take care of everything! Arizona’s process for obtaining a medical marijuana card is completely online, so there is no paperwork.
  2. Heally will allow your doctor to fill out all necessary forms for the online application, as well as any attestation forms.
  3. Once you’ve acquired all the required documents for your application (including state ID, applicant photo, application fee, patient attestation, and physician certification), you’ll need to fill out the medical card application for Arizona on the Arizona Department of Health Services website.
  4. The patient application portal can be foundhere
  5. Once you are approved, you will receive an automated email stating your approval for the medical marijuana card in Arizona.
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Qualifying conditions for getting an MMJ card in Arizona

The state of Arizona has approved the following qualifying conditions for its Arizona medical marijuana program. Only qualifying patients can be prescribed an MMJ certificate. Here is the complete list of conditions that the state of Arizona allows for an Arizona medical marijuana card in 2023. Each individual patient is different, so check your qualifying conditions.

Not sure if you qualify? Don't worry, if the doctor does
not approve you, you will get your money back.

Renew your MMJ card in Arizona

Yes, it is possible to renew a medical marijuana (MMJ) card in Arizona. The Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) requires MMJ cardholders to renew their card every year. Patients can renew their MMJ card up to 90 days before its expiration date.
The cost of renewing an MMJ card in Arizona is $150 for regular patient and $75 for qualifying patient application that is eligible for SNAP. To renew an MMJ card, patients can visit the ADHS website and complete the online renewal process. Patients will need to provide their name, date of birth, and MMJ card number. There is the list of what you need to submit to renew your card:

  • a new or current physician certification.
  • a recent or current photograph.
  • a new Patient Attestation Form signed and dated with the current date.
  • current documentation of your SNAP eligibility. The document submitted must indicate your first and last name.
  • a copy of your identification if your name has changed since your previous application.

If you need help renewing your MMJ card, you can use the contact form below to reach out to us.

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Medical marijuana card for minors in Arizona

To be eligible as a minor patient for medical marijuana use in Arizona, the individual must have a caregiver, usually a parent or legal guardian. Furthermore, the minor must be evaluated by a certified medical doctor who believes that medical marijuana is the most appropriate treatment option. This physician has to fill out the "Medical Marijuana Physician Certification for Patients Under 18 Form." Additionally, the minor's application should include a photograph and fingerprints.

After that application process is pretty similar to the regular application. The minor’s application needs to be uploaded together with the caregiver’s. Then, if everything is approved you’ll receive your MMJ card in the provided e-mail.

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Register a caregiver with Heally in AZ

Being a caregiver comes with specific prerequisites. Firstly, you must have been formally recognized as a caregiver by the patient you intend to support. Mainly it is a custodial guardian or a parent. Before you can initiate your application with the ADHS online system, the patient you're assisting must have already gone through the online application process and secured approval from ADHS. Moreover, as part of your caregiver duties, you are required to provide your fingerprints to ADHS. For each caregiver application, whether it's an initial application or a renewal, there's a fee of $200. It's worth noting that caregivers need to apply for a distinct card for every individual patient they look after, but they can cater to a maximum of five patients.

After you've successfully submitted your details via the ADHS online platform, your application will undergo a review by ADHS. Should they find everything in order, you will be promptly informed about your approval through an automatic email. On the other hand, if your application lacks certain elements or necessitates additional details, ADHS will reach out with feedback and offer guidance on rectifying and resubmitting your application. Once you secure approval, expect your registry identification card to arrive via mail at the address specified in your application.

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Marijuana laws in Arizona

The medical utilization of marijuana in Arizona was officially sanctioned in 2010 through the enactment of Proposition 203, which garnered the approval of 50.1% of the vote. The first licensed sales were taken place in December 2012. For lawful consumption of medical marijuana, an individual must be aged 18 years or older and have at least one qualifying condition from the list in the law.
An individual may possess no more than two and a half ounces of consumable marijuana within a 14-day span. The act also provides provisions for home cultivation, permitting it exclusively if the residence is situated over 25 miles from an accredited state dispensary. A maximum of twelve marijuana plants can be cultivated, but they must be within an "enclosed, locked facility." Medical marijuana patients have pretty good support and facilitation. For example, Arizona has established bills imposing employment protections for qualifying patients.
Medical marijuana cards need to be renewed every two years and should begin the renewal process 90 days before expiration. Arizona provides employment protections for qualifying medical marijuana patients. The non-refundable state fee is $150 for both initial and renewal registration for regular patients and $200 for caregivers.
There are also some opportunities for out-of-state patients. Arizona recognizes 'visiting qualifying patients' through limited reciprocity. To qualify, a patient:

  • Must not be a resident of Arizona or has lived in the state for fewer than 30 days.
  • Must have a recognized medical condition under the Act.
  • Must possess a medical marijuana registration card from another state.

These out-of-state cards are valid in Arizona, but holders cannot purchase medical marijuana in the state. However, usage is permitted.

How does Heally help you get a marijuana card in Arizona?

Heally is a platform designed to make getting a medical marijuana card in Arizona easy and straightforward. Instead of visiting a physical clinic or waiting in long lines, you can conveniently book an appointment online with Heally. Once scheduled, you're connected with qualified medical marijuana doctors who provide a thorough evaluation of your health. After this evaluation, you don't have to wait around. Specialists take you through the entire application process. But Heally's assistance doesn't end there. If you have questions about anything, the marijuana clinic's support team is there to offer extensive consultation and information. With Heally, you're guided and supported through every step of your medical marijuana journey in Arizona.

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6 reasons to choose Heally to get a marijuana medical card in AZ

The Online Process Is Convenient

Heally provides an easy-to-follow online process for obtaining an MMJ card in Arizona. Without leaving their homes, patients can apply for an MMJ card, doing away with the need to go to the doctor's office.

Licensed Physicians

All of the physicians on the Heally platform are licensed and qualified to recommend MMJ for qualifying medical conditions. Patients can be confident that they are receiving a qualified medical professional's professional evaluation.

Reasonable Pricing

The price of obtaining an MMJ card on the Heally platform is reasonable when compared to alternative options.

Quick and Effective Service

Heally's online platform is quick and easy to use, allowing patients to get their MMJ cards quickly. The entire procedure can be finished in a few days, after which patients can start using their cards.

Security and privacy

Heally is concerned about its patients' privacy and security. Patient data is never shared with outside parties, and personal information about patients is protected using industry-standard security measures.

Superior Customer Service

Dcotors and clinics on Heally offers excellent customer service, with a team of knowledgeable and friendly support agents on hand to help patients with their MMJ card applications. Patients can contact support agents for assistance at any time during the process.

Marijuana doctor near you

We are here to guide you through all the registration steps, so you’ll get your cannabis card in AZ fast and easily. Register with Heally and get a personal consultation on how to get an MMJ card in Arizona.

FAQ for medical marijuana cards and marijuana laws in Arizona

How do I get a medical marijuana card in Arizona?

You can get an MMJ card in Arizona by visiting a licensed healthcare provider and getting a written certification for medical cannabis. After that, you can submit your application to the Arizona Department of Health Services.

Does Arizona accept out-of-state MMJ cards?

In some way, Arizona does accept MMJ cards from other states. Arizona recognizes your out-of-state card and medical marijuana patient status.

What are the Arizona laws for getting cannabis cards?

To get an MMJ card in Arizona, patients must have a qualifying medical condition and a written certification from a licensed healthcare provider. The state also requires an application fee and fingerprints.

What is the cost of getting an MMJ card in Arizona?

The cost of getting an MMJ card in Arizona is typically around $150, which includes the application fee, background check fee, and the cost of the medical certification from a licensed healthcare provider.

How do I qualify for a marijuana card in Arizona?

You must have a qualifying medical condition, such as cancer, PTSD, or chronic pain, to be eligible for an MMJ card in Arizona. You must also have a written certification from a licensed healthcare provider.

How do I renew a cannabis card in Arizona?

You must make a follow-up appointment with your healthcare professional and obtain a fresh written certification in order to renew your MMJ card in Arizona. Then, you can submit a renewal application to the Arizona Department of Health Services.

Is cannabis legal in Arizona?

Medical cannabis is legal in Arizona for qualifying patients with an MMJ card. The state also allows for limited recreational use for adults 21 and over, but medical patients still require an MMJ card to use medical cannabis.

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