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Get your medical marijuana card online. In California, cannabis cards are $49 for the year, and only paid if approved by the doctor.

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Why Get A Medical Cannabis Card In California?

On January 1, 2018, recreational cannabis was legalized in California. While anyone can buy cannabis in a variety of forms without a medical card, obtaining a California medical marijuana card still has its advantages. At the moment, adults 21 and older can buy and possess up to 28.5 grams of cannabis. With a medical cannabis card, you only need to be 18 years old and are allowed to possess up to 8 ounces through the state’s medical marijuana program. Medical cannabis patients in California are also exempt from paying state sales and use taxes. In certain counties, medical cards are still required. Knowing how to get a medical cannabis card in California ensures steady access to your treatment should laws change in the future.

What qualifying conditions can be helped with cannabis in California?

Learn more about how to get a medical cannabis card in California by understanding the various conditions cannabis can help with. Unlike opiates and other habit-forming drugs, cannabis is a natural treatment that improves your overall quality of life from a holistic perspective. Cannabis can help California patients with:

and many other internal issues that require treatment and regulation.
Your health. Your way. Happy patients
Your health. Your way. Happy patients

How Can Heally Help You Get Medical Cannabis In California?

California is leading the way in effective cannabis treatments, and Heally is excited to help provide important information on how you can get your medical cannais card in California. Most importantly, Heally help you find a physician online to discuss your issues and gain professional advice on potential treatment.

How To Get Your Medical Cannabis Card In California

Simply create an account with Heally's telehealth platform and we’ll connect you with a certified doctor. During your online appointment, you can discuss your issues and subsequently download a recommendation from your doctor for cannabis treatment. A card will be sent in the mail that same day. Your session and recommendation will cost $49 in total.

FAQ for Medical Marijuana Card in California

How much does a medical cannabis card cost in California?

Your California cannabis certification will cost $49 for the year, and you only have to pay if you’re approved by a doctor! The fee covers both the cost of the visit and your medical cannabis ID card. Once certified, patients can shop at their local medical dispensary.

How much medical cannabis can I possess in California with a medical card?

Medical cannabis patients may possess up to 8 ounces of cannabis or concentrates in California. Medical marijuana patients may also possess up to 6 mature plants or 12 immature plants at any given time.

Can I get my medical cannabis card online in California?

In California, patients may get their medical cannabis card online. All you need to do is visit your patient portal and meet with a certified cannabis doctor to get approved for your cannabis card.

What if I am not approved for medical cannabis? Do I have other options?

If you are not approved for medical cannabis in California, there are other options available to you. California has legalized recreational cannabis for adults 21 and older.

Can I use a medical cannabis card from another state in California?

Yes. California allows for any medical marijuana card from another state.

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Love them! It was a super easy and efficient process for my fiance to get his medical card! We also purchased some items and also were able to get cbd treats for our dog!! Double score!
Alyssa G.
This was the best decision I ever made. Heally was quick and easy to deal with. My application and approval process was a breeze and I’m glad I went with heally.
Vanessa W.
Heally was there when I needed them the most. I am a 7 year Breast cancer Survivor and have a lot of residual pain. I am unable to take pain medication and the solution was CBD. It has helped me like nothing else. I was like many others who was 100% against the use of cannabis. But after lots of research and experiencing it myself by I am a strong supporter of this "new world" I've encountered. I love the fact that it is medicinal in from the Earth I've been used for years. I wish I would've found it sooner. The doctor was pleasant and informative and the process was very quick.
Margeret T.
Fast and efficient. Professional and awesome service! I would recommend Heally for people who just can’t get the relief that they need otherwise. Thank you for making this as painless as possible :-)
Joss B.
New York

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California Marijuana Legalization

Ever since 1996, when the Compassionate Use Act was passed, medical marijuana in California has been legal for registered patients above the age of 18. As of 2016, the recreational use of cannabis in California has been legal for all people ages 21 and over. Alongside the states legalization of cannabis for both medical and recreational uses, the state has also implemented laws to ensure that all cannabis products must be tested and safe to use for the public prior to being sold. Current laws allow people in the state of California to possess 28.5 grams of cannabis plant and no more than 8 grams of cannabis concentrate. Additionally, patients who have a Medical Marijuana Card are exempt from cannabis sales and use tax resulting in a 15% reduction in price when purchasing medical marijuana from a qualifying dispensary in California. In the state of California, adults ages 21+, and individuals qualifying for medical marijuana, can purchase cannabis in the forms of smokable flower, edibles, tinctures, extracts, pre-rolls, patches, cremes, and plants.