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Have a doctor review your medical history or current medication list, to see if cannabis can help you achieve your wellness goals.  Marijuana Doctors on the Heally platform specialize in many areas including:

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Addiction Treatment

Sports Medicine

Women's Health

Pain Management


Cannabis in Maine

Although recreational marijuana use is legal in Maine for adults over the age of 21, there are yet no dispensaries that a user may enter without a Medical Marijuana Card. However, a patient over 18 years of age can choose from a variety of options such as edibles, flowers, oil cartridges to vaporize, capsules, and oral tinctures all made from Medical Marijuana extracts. 

What are qualifying conditions in Maine for medical marijuana?

There are many conditions that qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card in Maine, such as Alzheimer's, Cancer, Chronic Pain, or PTSD among many others. However, as of July 2018, new legislation has been passed stating that any condition may qualify you for a medical marijuana card if a doctor deems that it may benefit your well being.

How does Heally work?

Create an account. Talk to a marijuana doctor using your mobile device or computer. (No appointment is necessary.) If a doctor thinks cannabis can help, they will discuss treatment options. Post-visit your certification is available for download within an hour and can be used at a local medical marijuana dispensary the same day. The Maine State Health Department will mail you a marijuana card within one week of certification. You will not be charged the $200 fee if the doctor does not believe that the video visit meets his standard of care.

Cannabis Health and News in Maine

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The state of Maine recognizes that the use of Medical Marijuana can benefit a large variety of medical conditions. Speak to a doctor to learn if cannabis can help you achieve your wellness goals.

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