Get Your Maryland Medical Marijuana Card

$200 for the year, only paid if approved by the doctor

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Total Cost for Consultation and Certification is $200
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that specializes in the following areas:

Anxiety and Stress
Sports Medicine
Pain Management
Addiction Treatment
Women’s Health

Cannabis in Maryland

The first step to register with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission website and then have a visit with a local doctor. You can shop for cannabis at a dispensary after your doctor visit.

What are qualifying conditions in Maryland?

Qualifying conditions include Cachexia, Anorexia, Wasting syndrome, Severe chronic pain, Severe nausea, Seizures, including those characteristic of epilepsy, Severe and persistent muscle spasms, Glaucoma, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Chronic pain

How does Heally work?

Create an account. We will help you schedule an appointment with a local doctor. If a doctor thinks cannabis can help, you will discuss treatment options. Download your certification.

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