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Speak with a certified doctor instantly or schedule an appointment at your convenience to find out how to get your Minnesota medical marijuana card today! Heally is the leader in connecting patients with certified doctors via safe, secure, and HIPAA-compliant telehealth services. You’re only one appointment away from receiving your Minnesota medical card. Please note, you can only renew your medical marijuana card online.

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How to get a medical marijuana card in Minnesota

Talk to a certified marijuana doctor quickly and at your convenience. Our team of experts is available to connect you from 8 AM – 10 PM, seven days a week. You can speak with a doctor on the same day or make an appointment for the time that works for you. Best of all, you don’t need to go anywhere – you just need a cell phone or a computer.

  • Check your qualifying conditions in Minnesota

    Be sure to review the qualifying conditions for a medical marijuana card in Minnesota. See the list of approved conditions below.
  • Register with Heally to apply for cannabis card

    Fill out our quick intake form to get started with the Minnesota medical card process.
  • Visit an online consultation with cannabis doctor

    Book your appointment with a certified medical marijuana doctor. You can do this instantly or schedule one at your convenience.
  • Get Your MMJ in Minnesota

    Your appointment will generally be about 15 minutes. The doctor will either mail your certificate to you, submit it to the State of Minnesota, or send it to your pharmacy of choice.

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How does Heally help get MMIC in Minnesota

Learn how to get medical marijuana in Minnesota and navigate the state’s medical cannabis program with ease to get access to natural treatments that work. Minnesota cardholders can buy oils, tinctures, pills, or vaporized delivery methods not requiring raw cannabis flower.

When you register on the Heally website, we’ll connect you with a licensed marijuana doctor certified by the State of Minnesota. The doctor will evaluate your condition and discuss potential treatment options. If your doctor believes that you fulfill the requirements for a MN medical card, you will receive an email from the Office of Medical Cannabis that will contain your unique registration link for the Medical Cannabis Patient Registry.

Once you are registered with the state, you must submit a new Patient Self-Evaluation Form each time you plan to visit a medical cannabis dispensary. You can do this by logging in to your account on the Medical Cannabis Patient Registry.

The Minnesota medical card renewal process can also be done 100% online.

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Qualifying conditions for getting MMJ card in Minnesota

To obtain a MN medical card, your doctor will evaluate if you meet the necessary requirements which include being diagnosed with one of the following conditions:

State process for obtaining marijuana card in Minnesota

Please note - that these instructions are for NEW patients. Heally cannot certify new patients at this time but this information is valuable for all patients in Minnesota.

Before you start, have these supporting documents ready:

  • A photo or image of your government-issued photo identification, such as a Minnesota identification/driver’s license. Image file type must be JPG, GIF, TIF, or PNG and smaller than 4 MB.
  • A credit/debit card or check (routing and account numbers) for the online annual enrollment fee of $200 or $50 (discounted fee).
  • If applicable, evidence that you are eligible for a discounted fee of $50 based on one of these qualifiers:
    1. Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI)/Social Security Disability (SSD) including those transitioning to retirement benefits. A letter from Social Security verifying your transition from SSD to retirement benefits or the SSD/SSI Benefit Verification letter dated within the last 90 days is acceptable. Medicare is not a qualifier for the discounted fee.
    2. Current medical assistance (MA), MinnesotaCare, or Indian Health Services (IHS) card. An enrollment letter from the county or state dated within the last 90 days is also acceptable.
    3. Railroad disability. A benefit verification letter for Railroad disability dated within the last 90 days is acceptable.
    4. Veteran’s disability. A valid VA service-connected card or VA disability benefit letter dated within the last 90 days is acceptable.
    5. A dependency and indemnity compensation (VA DIC). An approval letter for VA dependency and indemnity compensation dated within the last 90 days is acceptable.

How To Get Your Minnesota Medical Marijuana Card

  1. As soon as your Practitioner has certified that you have a qualifying condition, you will receive an email (using the address you gave your doctor) from the Office of Medical Cannabis. You may need to check your spam/junk folder:
  2. Find the email with the subject line, MN Dept. of Health: Patient Enrollment.
  3. Click on the “Medical Cannabis Registry (click here)” link in the email
  4. Create your patient account
  5. Click “Begin Enrollment”
  6. Create a password, and click “Next”
  7. Complete enrollment application
  8. On the next screen, type in your answers in the corresponding fields. If your health care practitioner checked the box for a caregiver (during the certification process), this checkmark will automatically appear here. You can add a caregiver at Step 6 if you choose to at that time.
  9. If you do not want to add a caregiver at this time, uncheck this box.
  10. If you are a parent/legal guardian/spouse for an adult patient, you do NOT need to register as a caregiver. Patients can add a parent/legal guardian/spouse at Step 5.
  11. If you do not see this caregiver checkbox and you need a caregiver, contact Heally and ask them to check the box.
  12. Check the Acknowledgment box, read the statements in the pop-up screen then select "Agree.” Then click “Next” at the bottom right of the screen to continue.
  13. Clicking on “Please select” will open a drop-down menu; select “Upload a picture of your government-issued photo ID” to upload your identification or “Take a picture of your government-issued photo ID” to take a picture of your photo identification with the camera on your computer.
  14. If the “Take a picture with the camera attached to your device” option is selected, the next screen will require you to click on “Take Picture” to capture the identification with the camera. The picture will then appear. Click “Next” to proceed.
  15. If you selected “Upload a picture of your government-issued photo ID,” locate and upload the image file of your government-issued photo identification.
  16. Add your home address
  17. Type in your home address in the fields; check the box only if your mailing address is the same as your home address, and then click “Next” to continue.
  18. If your mailing address is different, select “Next,” and continue. On the next screen, enter your mailing address in the fields, and select “Next.”
  19. Add parent/ legal guardian/ spouse
  20. Click on “Add a parent/legal guardian/spouse” if you would like to add a parent/legal guardian/spouse or select “Next” if you do not wish to add someone at this time.
  21. I f adding a spouse, check the box for a spouse, enter their information, and attach their photo identification and marriage certificate using the “Upload” button
  22. If adding a parent/legal guardian, enter their information and attach their photo identification and patient’s birth certificate or legal guardianship
  23. Check the Acknowledgement box and select “Agree” after reading the disclaimer. Click “Submit” to continue.
  24. The parent/legal guardian/spouse listed will receive an email notification. To add more than one parent/legal guardian, repeat Step 5.
  25. Select “Next” to continue.
  26. Add caregiver (if prompted)
  27. Continue to Step 7 if the system does not prompt you to add a caregiver. This option will only appear if your Heally health care practitioner certified you to have a caregiver AND the box for a caregiver on Step 3 was marked.
  28. Click on “Add a caregiver” to add your caregiver.
  29. Enter your caregiver’s information in the fields, and click on “Submit”. The caregiver will receive an enrollment email with instructions to submit their application.
  30. To add another caregiver, repeat Step 6. Otherwise, select “Next” to continue.
  31. Update enrollment fee discount eligibility
  32. Click on “Please select” to open a drop-down menu; choose “Yes” if you receive Supplemental Security Income, Social Security Disability including those transitioning to retirement benefits, medical assistance, MinnesotaCare, IHS, Railroad disability, VA dependency, and indemnity compensation, or Veteran’s disability benefits, then click “Next.”
  33. Select the type of assistance you are currently receiving, and click “Upload” to attach the proof. Click on “Next” to continue.
  34. Choose “No” if you do not receive any of these. Then click “Next” and continue to Step 8.
  35. Make payment
  36. Click on “Make payment” to pay your enrollment fee.
  37. Click on “Select” and choose the option that aligns with your payment plans.
  38. Review the payer’s information and click on “Confirm” to finalize payment.
  39. You will receive a payment confirmation via email from the Minnesota Department of Health after your payment.
  40. Receive email approval
  41. Enrollments are processed in the order received and it could take up to 30 days to be approved.
  42. You will need to complete the patient self-evaluation report in your account in the registry.
  43. Complete the self-evaluation report to expedite your visit to the cannabis patient center.
  44. Visit a Cannabis Patient Center (CPC) to purchase your medical marijuana
  45. Once you receive your approval email, you may then visit a Cannabis Patient Center (CPC). At the CPC, you, your parent, legal guardian, or caregiver must visit the cannabis patient center, where a pharmacist will review your account, and recommend a specific dosage and type. Payment will be made at that time, to the cannabis patient center.
  46. Fill out the patient self-evaluation form
  47. Before returning for more medical cannabis, you must log in to your registry account and fill out your patient self-evaluation form.
  48. This form is located on a separate tab in your registry account.
  49. This form must be completed before each visit to a Cannabis Patient Center.

Once approved by the state, the following document can further assist with managing your Medical Cannabis Registry Account and completing the self-evaluation form(s). Click here.

Not sure if you qualify? Don't worry, if the doctor does
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How Long Does it Take to Get My Medical Marijuana Card Certificate in Minnesota?

Enrollments are processed in the order they are received and could take up to 30 days to be approved. After you are approved, the doctor will upload your certification to Minnesota's state website. You will then receive an email that has a link for you to log in and continue the registration process online.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Medical Card in Minnesota?

To get a Minnesota medical card, patients need to consult with a doctor, fulfill the MN medical card requirements, and be registered with the state through the Medical Cannabis Patient Registry.

The cost for the consultation and certification will be $200. You will not be charged if the doctor feels your visit did not meet the qualifying requirements. Patients on Supplemental Security Income, Social Security Disability, Medicaid, MNCare, IHS, or CHAMPVA get a discount on the registration fee. A copy of your Social Security Disability, CHAMPVA, Medical Assistance, or Medicaid ID card must be provided during registration.

Do I Need a Physical Medical Marijuana Card in Minnesota?

No, patients are not issued physical medical marijuana cards. If you want or need proof of participation in the program, you can print a verification document.

How Much Medical Marijuana Can I Purchase in Minnesota?

Patients are allowed to have a 30-day supply of non inhaled forms of cannabis or two and a half ounces of cannabis flower.

If I Live in Minnesota, Can I Get My Medical Marijuana Card Online?

Yes! Using Heally, you can consult a doctor online without needing to make an appointment in advance. Once you are approved for a MN medical card, you will receive a link in your email for registering on the Medical Cannabis Patient Registry. All of this may be done online with no requirement to have an in-person visit.

Does the State of Minnesota Have Medical Marijuana Reciprocity?

No, Minnesota does not recognize out-of-state cards.

Minnesota Medical Marijuana Card Resource Guide

What to Do After You Receive Your Minnesota Cannabis Card

The land of 10,000 lakes is the perfect place to be once you’ve received your Minnesota medical card. From stunning scenery to gourmet foods, Minnesota has it all. Embark on your adventure in this extraordinary and beautiful state!

the bridge leading into minneapolis, minnesota


Minneapolis is the place to be if you are looking for a day on the beach and a night on the town. With your new medical card in hand, you will be able to enjoy everything that Minneapolis, Minnesota has to offer. Head down to Lake Bde Maka Ska for paddleboard yoga, have lunch on South Minneapolis’ famous Eat Street, then end your day with live music at the famous First Avenue.

view from a bench of st. paul, minnesota

St. Paul

Head over to Saint Paul for a perfect balance of urban bustle and pristine nature. Between miles of riverfront trails, beautifully maintained parks, and the world-renowned Como Conservatory, you’ll never run out of greenery in Saint Paul. After a hike, head to Lowertown to catch a ball game at CHS field, or pick up fresh food at the Farmers Market. As far as dinner goes, you will never run out of options. From fine dining to food trucks, Saint Paul, MN has all the requirements making it the perfect location to visit after getting your medical card.

the beautiful center of duluth, minnesota


Whether it is beautiful scenery, a thriving music scene, or rich industrial history, Duluth has something for everyone. After enjoying the views at Eagle Mountain, head down to Canal Park for locally brewed beer, live music, and a chance to see the city’s famous lift bridge in action. Once you learn how to get medical marijuana in Minnesota, you can enjoy all your favorite activities right here in Duluth!

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Marijuana laws in Minnesota

As of 2014, the use of medical marijuana became legal for qualifying patients in the state of Minnesota. However, the use of cannabis for recreational purposes in the state still remains illegal to this day, although there have been some steps toward full legalization. In 1976, the possession of fewer than 1.5 ounces of marijuana was decriminalized. While the use of recreational marijuana is currently not legal, in May of 2021, the Minnesota House of Representatives voted to legalize the use of recreational marijuana. Yet, shortly after, the Senate stalled the bill with plans to reconvene in 2022. As of now, individuals who hold a Minnesota medical card can obtain marijuana in the form of tinctures, concentrates, vaporizers, and topicals.

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Check out our comprehensive list of which states have medical marijuana card reciprocity and what you can do if you live in states like Minessota that do not.

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