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Get your New Mexico medical card without ever leaving your home.

Need a New Mexico medical marijuana card? Heally is here to help. With Heally’s HIPAA-compliant telehealth services, you can schedule an online appointment with a doctor and get approved for a New Mexico medical card in no time. You’re only one appointment away from receiving your medical marijuana certification. Get started now.

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Get Your New Mexico Medical Marijuana Card With Heally

Heally makes it easier than ever to obtain a medical marijuana card. You can connect with licensed marijuana doctors in New Mexico through our online platform. Schedule a virtual appointment with our certified physicians any day of the week to get approved for a medical card. Here’s how we make the medical marijuana certification process a breeze:

  • Review Qualifying ConditionsReview the list of approved conditions to receive medical marijuana in New Mexico below.
  • Register with HeallyFill out our quick intake form to get started with the New Mexico medical card process.
  • Visit With Your Medical Marijuana Doctor Book an appointment with a certified medical marijuana doctor. You can meet your doctor online.
  • Receive Your New Mexico Medical Marijuana CardOnce your application is approved, you can download your certification in your Heally patient portal, and you can purchase your medical marijuana products!

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How Does Heally Help You Get a Medical Marijuana Card in New Mexico?

So, how can Heally help you obtain a New Mexico medical card? After you create a free account on our website, we’ll connect you with a marijuana doctor certified in the State of New Mexico.

Heally’s telehealth platform lets you meet your doctor online. We can also help you renew your medical card 100% online.

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Do You Qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card in New Mexico?

The State of New Mexico has approved almost 30 health disorders to qualify for its medical marijuana program. Only qualifying patients can be prescribed an MMJ certificate. The conditions that make you eligible for a New Mexico medical card include:

Not sure if you qualify? Don't worry, if the doctor does
not approve you, you will get your money back.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does it Take to Get My Medical Marijuana Card in New Mexico?

You should get your card within five days after your application is approved by the state. However, it can take up to thirty days for the state to approve your application. Many patients will receive their cards more quickly, but when there is a high volume of applications, it can take longer.

How Much Does It Cost to Get My New Mexico Medical Card?

Your card will cost $199. And you only pay when a doctor approves you!

Does Heally serve Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Rio Rancho, and Las Cruces?

Heally can help patients get their medical marijuana certificate in any city within the State of New Mexico.

Do I Need a Physical Medical Marijuana Card in New Mexico?

No. Your certification will be sent to your pharmacy, where you’ll be able to purchase medical marijuana.

How Much Medical Marijuana Can I Purchase in New Mexico?

In New Mexico, you can purchase 2 oz. of cannabis, 16 g of cannabis extract, and 800 mg of medical cannabis at a time.

Is It Legal to Get My Medical Card Online in New Mexico?

Yes. It is legal to obtain a medical marijuana certification online in New Mexico. You can then use this certification to apply for a medical card at the New Mexico Department of Health.

Does the State of New Mexico Have Medical Marijuana Reciprocity?

New Mexico is among those states that offer medical marijuana reciprocity. If you have a valid medical marijuana identification card (MMIC) from another state, you can legally purchase cannabis products in New Mexico.

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New Mexico Marijuana Legalization

As of 2021, the recreational use of marijuana has been legalized in the State of New Mexico. Sales of recreational cannabis, however, will begin in mid-2022. Prior to the legalization of recreational cannabis, New Mexico permitted the use of medical marijuana for qualifying patients in 2007.

Although sales of recreational marijuana won’t begin until the later months of 2022, patients who qualify for New Mexico medical cards can easily access marijuana from licensed dispensaries all across the state. Currently, all individuals 21 years or older and those who qualify for medical marijuana can possess up to two ounces of cannabis outside their homes. Additionally, marijuana can be purchased in the form of edibles, extract, flower, pre-roll, tincture, vape, and topical.

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