Get a marijuana card online in Oklahoma

Check cannabis laws in OK and your qualifying conditions with Heally services. Apply for the MMJ medical card in Oklahoma in 15 minutes. Schedule a consultation with licensed doctors via our HIPAA-compliant telehealth services. It is easy to get a cannabis card in OK: register with Heally, visit a doctor online, and get your MMJ certification by email.

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How to get a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma?

You can connect to marijuana doctors from 8 AM to 10 PM every day. Schedule a consultation at a convenient time. Heally makes it easy to get a weed card in OK in 15 minutes with a 4-step registration process. See the step-by-step instructions below on how to get a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma.

  • Check Your Qualifying Conditions in OK

    The first thing you'll need to do is review the qualifying conditions for a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma. MMJ cards are available for patients with conditions such as muscle spasms, seizures, or chronic pain. For a full list of eligible diagnoses, check our platform or book a personal consultation with the specialist.
  • Register with Heally

    Fill out our quick intake form to get started with the Oklahoma medical card process. Providing needed information starts an application process. Create a personal account to begin your medical marijuana journey.
  • Visit Online Consultation With Your Medical Marijuana Doctor

    Book your appointment with a certified medical marijuana doctor. You can do this instantly or schedule one at your convenience. On appointment, a medical marijuana doctor will check your medical records and decide if it is possible to recommend you a medical marijuana therapy.
  • Receive Your Medical Marijuana Card in OK

    Your appointment will generally be about 15 minutes. The doctor will either mail your certificate to you, submit it to the State of Oklahoma, or send it to your pharmacy of choice.

Once you have registered with Heally and approved by the doctor, you must log in to your Oklahoma Medical Marijuana registry and pay the state fee of $20-100, depending on your status. Your Oklahoma medical marijuana card is valid for 2 years.

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Card State Process

  1. Register an account for the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Program.
  2. Go to the OMMA licensing portal and click “Access portal” to apply for a license.
  3. Click “Sign up now” to create a new account.
  4. Enter a valid email address and click “Send verification code.”
  5. Check your email for a verification code.
  6. Enter the code and click “Verify code.”
  7. Create a new password and enter your first and last name. Click Create.
  8. Click “Patient Portal” to start a NEW patient application.
  9. Click “Create a New Profile.”
  10. Enter your legal name, and click “Save and Continue.”
  11. On the Patient Profile page, click “Select” next to your name.
  12. This brings you to the Dashboard. You can now select “Apply for a new license.”
  13. Find your application type and click “Select this Application.”
  14. The next page shows the Application Instructions and lists the required documentation. Review the information and click “Save and Continue.”
  15. Enter your personal information.
  16. Select your "Identity Document Type" and enter the requested information.
  17. Upload the front and back of your Proof of Identity.
  18. Upload a digital photograph for your patient ID card. Adjust the photo as needed.
  19. Enter the information printed on your Heally Physician Recommendation Form.
  20. Please make sure the signature date is no more than 30 days from when you submit your application.
  21. Upload your Heally Physician Recommendation Form.
  22. If you are enrolled in Medicaid, Medicare, or have 100% Disabled Veterans status, select "Yes" and upload supporting documentation.
  23. Complete the Attestations section.
  24. Review application. You can click “View All Pages” or “Next Page” to review the application information.
  25. Make Payment. On the Payment page, you can review your fee breakdown and payment options.
  26. Enter Payment Information.
  27. Fill in your card information, then click “Next.”
  28. Confirm your payment information is correct and click “Submit Payment.”
  29. The screen will display “Submitted” when you have completed the application submission. You can visit the dashboard to check your status and view your payments. You do NOT need to mail in your application because it was submitted electronically. You will receive a submission confirmation and payment receipt via email.
  30. Once the application has been submitted, it will be reviewed by the OMMA. This can take up to 30 days.
  31. If approved, an approval letter with your license will be mailed via US Mail within 14 business days of the application submission date.
  32. If an application is incomplete, you will receive an email stating the reason(s). Log back into your account to make corrections.
  33. If an application is denied because all requirements have not been met, a denial letter stating the reason(s) for denial will be mailed within 14 business days of submission.
  34. Present your medical marijuana card and another form of identification any time you get medical marijuana at a dispensary or have marijuana taken to a processor to be concentrated.

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Qualifying conditions for getting an MMJ card in Oklahoma

Unlike other jurisdictions, the State of Oklahoma does not have a list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana. Instead, they rely on a physician’s recommendation to issue medical cards. Some health conditions that can make you eligible for medical marijuana in Oklahoma include:

Renew your MMJ card in Oklahoma

To renew your medical marijuana card in Oklahoma in 2023, you would need to follow these steps:

  • Get a Physician's Recommendation.. The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) requires a doctor’s recommendation each time you renew your marijuana card. You can choose to use the same physician who recommended you the first time, or you can choose a new one. The provider recommendations expire 30 days after being signed, so it's important not to delay the process
  • Upload Your Documents. You will need to upload three documents to your account: a personal photo taken within the last 6 months, proof of Oklahoma residency (such as an Oklahoma Driver’s License, Oklahoma ID, Tribal Identification, utility bill, or signed lease), and the completed Physician Recommendation Form signed within the last 30 days.
  • Submit Your Payment. The final step is to pay the Patient Renewal Fee to OMMA. In 2022, the fee was $100 with a $4.30 service fee, although it might be different in 2023. If you are a Medicare or Medicaid patient, you qualify for a discounted rate.

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Medical marijuana card for minors in Oklahoma

Individuals under the age of 18 who reside in Oklahoma are qualified to acquire a medical marijuana minor patient license upon presenting proof of identity, residency, a suitable photo, and a Physician Recommendation Form (Minor Patient), which has been signed by two eligible physicians. In addition, the minor's legal guardian or parent must also provide evidence of identity, residency, and a suitable photo, as well as sign the application. The parent or guardian's name will be included on the license, and they will be authorized to have medical marijuana or associated products for the licensed minor patient. The minor patient license is valid for two years or up to 30 days following the patient's 18th birthday, whichever comes first. Patients who desire a license once they become adults should initiate the adult patient license application process immediately upon turning 18.

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Register a caregiver with Heally in OK

In Oklahoma, caregiver licenses exist to aid family members or assistants who are responsible for regularly caring for a medical marijuana patient. These licenses grant the caregiver the ability to transport, possess, and administer medical marijuana or its derivative products to the licensed patient they are caring for.

Each caregiver license permits the holder to be the designated caregiver for up to five licensed patients. Adult patients with a license can have one designated licensed caregiver, while minor patients can have up to two designated licensed caregivers. To establish a patient-caregiver relationship, both parties must sign a completed Caregiver Designation Form. Caregiver licenses are valid up until the expiration date of the associated licensed patient(s), not exceeding a period of two years. Importantly, there is no application fee for obtaining a caregiver license.

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Marijuana laws in Oklahoma

Under Oklahoma's State Question 788 (SQ 788), individuals who have acquired a Medical Marijuana License are legally permitted to consume marijuana. They can also possess up to 3 ounces (85 grams) of marijuana, 6 mature marijuana plants (plants in the budding stage), 6 seedling plants (plants in the vegetative stage not yet budding), 1 ounce (28 grams) of concentrated marijuana, 72 ounces (2,000 grams) of edible marijuana, and 8 ounces (230 grams) of marijuana within their residence.

How does Heally help you get a marijuana card in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, Heally is a telemedicine service that links patients with authorized doctors for medical marijuana evaluations. Heally is a legitimate service in Oklahoma, and it is possible for patients to meet with a doctor through their secure online platform. They can also renew their medical cards through Heally's services.

However, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) must still approve the renewal application, and the patient will have to pay the renewal fee. Keep in mind that Heally is an online service, and patients can't meet a doctor offline.

Heally's patients who receive an Oklahoma medical card can only use it within the state. The service does not allow patients to use their Oklahoma card in other states, as laws vary from state to state. Heally provides benefits for patients in Oklahoma, such as easy access to licensed physicians and a streamlined process for obtaining and renewing a medical marijuana card.

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6 reasons to choose Heally to get a cannabis medical card in OK


Heally provides patients with a convenient and secure way to speak with licensed physicians for medical marijuana evaluations while relaxing in the privacy of their own homes.

Streamlined process

Heally simplifies the application and renewal procedures for Oklahoma medical marijuana cards so that patients can more easily get the necessary medical care.

Access to licensed physicians

Heally matches patients with qualified medical professionals who are board-certified, have experience assessing patients who use medical marijuana and can produce official reports.

Privacy and security

Heally's platform is safe and in accordance with local, state, and federal laws, protecting patient privacy and security.

Fast service

Heally's platform enables fast service, allowing patients to get their medical cards quickly and easily.


Given that Heally's service is affordable, patients have more options for obtaining and renewing their medical marijuana cards.

Marijuana doctor near you

We are here to guide you through all registration steps so you’ll get your cannabis card in Oklahoma fast and easy. Register with Heally and get a personal consultation on how to get an MMIC card in Oklahoma.

FAQ for medical marijuana cards and marijuana laws in Oklahoma

How to apply for a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma online?

To apply for a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma online, visit the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) website, log in to your patient account, upload the necessary documents, and pay the fee.

Does Oklahoma accept out-of-state MMJ cards?

Oklahoma only accepts medical marijuana cards issued by the OMMA, out-of-state MMJ cards are not recognized.

What are Oklahoma marijuana laws?

Oklahoma's laws allow for the use of medical marijuana for certain qualified conditions such as cancer, PTSD, and chronic pain.

What is the price of a cannabis card in Oklahoma

The current price for a cannabis card in Oklahoma is $100.

How to qualify for a marijuana card in Oklahoma?

To qualify for a marijuana card in Oklahoma, patients must have a qualifying condition and a physician's certification.

How to renew a cannabis card in Oklahoma?

To renew a cannabis card in Oklahoma, visit the OMMA website, log in to your patient account, update your information, and pay the fee.

Is cannabis legal in Oklahoma?

Marijuana is legal for medical use in Oklahoma.

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