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Medical Cannabis In Texas

Wondering how to get a medical cannabis card in Texas? Don’t worry — you don’t need one. You just need to be registered with the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas (CURT). CURT is the system that allows physicians to register and prescribe low-THC cannabis to patients with certain qualifying medical conditions. To qualify for Low THC medical cannabis in Texas, you must be a permanent resident of the state. Texas Occupations Code §169.001 defines "medical use" as the ingestion by a means of administration other than by smoking. Dispensing organizations can search for the patient within CURT and dispense the medication according to the prescription.

What are the Qualifying Conditions in Texas for Medical Cannabis?

To obtain a medical cannabis prescription in Texas from a certified doctor, you must have one of the qualifying conditions. The current qualifying conditions to gain access to medical cannabis include:

Your health. Your way. Happy patients
Your health. Your way. Happy patients

How To Get Medical Cannabis Online In Texas?

Unlike many other states, you don’t need a medical card to get cannabis in Texas. Simply hit Register on our website, choose the state of Texas, and we’ll help you find a licensed cannabis doctor online, that you can meet with from the comfort of your home via our telemedicine software. Your doctor will evaluate your condition and discuss potential treatment options. If your physician determines cannabis is right for you, they will register you with Compassionate Use Registry of Texas (CURT).

The Texas Medical Card renewal process can also be completed 100% online.

How To Get Your Medical Cannabis Certification In Texas

Texas does not provide medical ID cards at all and medical cannabis patients do not need a written prescription since the physicians enter the prescription into CURT for the Dispensary to validate. The initial evaluation visit costs $159, which will not be charged if your doctor believes that your online visit failed to qualify you for medical cannabis. Proof of ID and the last 5 digits of your social security number are required to acquire your medicine.

FAQ For Medical Cannabis In Texas

How Much Does a Medical Cannabis Evaluation Cost in Texas?

Your initial valuation will cost $159 for the initial visit if approved by the doctor, and each follow up visit $100.

Are there any Age Restrictions for low-THC Cannabis Prescriptions?

Texas Law places no limitations on the age of the patient. However, patients under 18 will require a legal guardian to receive low-THC cannabis prescriptions.

Do I Need to Register for a Medical Cannabis ID in Texas?

Patients do not register in CURT; their prescriptions are entered inthe the system by their physicians. Then cannabis patients can pick up their medicine at a licensed dispensary.

Can I Get a Medical Cannabis Card in Texas?

No. You don’t need a medical cannabis card in Texas. You just need to be registered in CURT by a licensed cannabis physician.

How Long Does it Take to Fill my Cannabis Prescription in Texas?

Prescriptions can usually be filled on the same day as requested.

How Can I Refill My Cannabis Medicine?

In texas, each doctor prescribes a maximum amount of THC within a given office visit. Any further medication needs can be addressed in a follow up appointment, where the doctor can safely adjust your dose as needed for your particular medical condition. If you are in need of a new prescription, please contact your doctor by logging into your Heally Portal to be connected with your doctor.

Are Patients Allowed to Grow Their Own Cannabis in Texas?

No. Only licensed dispensers will be able to grow cannabis and only for production of low-THC cannabis. Patients are required to purchase low-THC medical cannabis products in Texas from a licensed dispensing organization.

Will it be Legal for Patients to Smoke Low-THC Cannabis?

No. Texas Occupations Code §169.001 specifically excludes smoking from the definition of "medical use."

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Texas Marijuana Legalization

In 2021, the state of Texas legalized low-THC medical marijuana oil for qualifying patients. Individuals can only be prescribed low-THC marijuana from qualifying physicians. Currently, there are very few medical marijuana dispensaries in the state. Additionally, the use and possession of recreational marijuana is still illegal in the state of Texas. Besides medical marijuana oils, Texas also allows low-THC medical marijuana in the form of doctor-prescribed tinctures and edibles.