Holistic medicine services in New York

Access holistic and alternative medicine in New York easily through the Heally platform. Our telehealth service offers personalized advice from the comfort of your home. Start improving your health today with a range of alternative medicine services on Heally.

How does Heally work in New York?


Register on Heally’s Platform

Simply register on Heally to access a wide range of alternative medicine services in New York. You can connect with a doctor or provider online or in person, depending on the service.


Choose an Alternative Medicine Service

Once registered, you can explore various alternative medicine services tailored to your health needs. Whether you're interested in alternative health practices or specific treatments, Heally makes it easy to find what you’re looking for in NY.


Choose a Doctor and Time for Online Meeting

Heally allows you to select a doctor who specializes in the alternative medicine field you're interested in. You can then pick a time that suits your schedule for an online consultation, making use of the convenient telehealth NY services.

Holistic Telehealth Services in New York

Weight Loss Weight Loss
Longevity Longevity
TRT Testosterone Replacement Therapy
CGM Continuous Glucose Monitoring
IV Drip Therapy IV Drip Therapy
HRT Hormone Replacement Therapy
Medical Card Medical Card
Acupuncture Acupuncture
Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy
Homeopathy Homeopathy
ESA Emotional Support Animal
Breathing Coach Breathing Coach
Gut Biome Testing Gut Biome Testing
Functional Medicine Functional Medicine

Weight Loss Doctor in New York

Looking for a weight loss doctor in NY? Our telehealth service offers top-rated weight loss services. Patients praise our customized plans for their effectiveness and impressive results.

Get Semaglutide Prescription in New York

Need Semaglutide in New York? We provide Ozempic and Wegovy through our telehealth New York platform. For more details, check out our pages for Semaglutide, Ozempic, and Wegovy.

Get Tirzepatide Prescription in New York

Manage your weight with Tirzepatide (Mounjaro) in New York. Visit our Tirzepatide page for comprehensive services.

Get Metformin Prescription for Weight Loss in New York

Metformin for weight loss is part of our New York telehealth services. Stay tuned for our Metformin page.

Rejuvenation and Longevity
Doctor in New York

Revitalize your life with rejuvenation and longevity services in NY. Online experts guide you through effective treatments, highlighted by positive reviews for transformative outcomes. Explore cutting-edge solutions like Metformin and Rapamycin through the Heally platform.

Get Metformin Prescription in New York

Metformin is primarily used for type 2 diabetes management but has been explored for potential anti-aging benefits. Studies noted in the Journal of Endocrinology discuss its role in lowering blood sugar levels and its investigation into cardiovascular health and longevity. Visit our Anti-Aging page for details.

Get Rapamycin Prescription in New York

Looking for longevity solutions in NY? Rapamycin might be the answer. Rapamycin has been studied for its potential to extend lifespan and improve immune function. Research, including studies published in Aging Cell, suggests it may have implications for aging and age-related diseases due to its effects on cellular processes. Check out our Anti-Aging page for personalized services.

TRT Doctor in New York

Improve vitality with TRT in New York. Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) can help address symptoms of testosterone deficiency in men, such as fatigue, low libido, and muscle loss. Clinical guidelines and research findings, including those in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, support its use under medical supervision.

CGM Doctor in New York

CGM in NY offers insights into health through blood sugar monitoring. Obtaining a prescription for CGM can empower individuals to track glucose fluctuations, leading to informed dietary and medication adjustments. The Diabetes Care journal includes studies highlighting its benefits in improving glycemic control and reducing hypoglycemia.

Get IV Drip Therapy in New York

Experience wellness enhancement with mobile IV therapy in NY. IV drip therapy can quickly deliver nutrients, hydration, and medications directly into the bloodstream, offering potential benefits for immune support, hydration, and wellness. While clinical trials are limited, its use in specific clinical scenarios, such as rehydration, is well documented in medical literature.

HRT Doctor in New York

Achieve hormonal balance with HRT in New York. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for menopause-related symptoms can significantly improve quality of life by alleviating hot flashes, night sweats, and osteoporosis risk. The benefits and risks of HRT have been extensively reviewed, including in the Lancet journal, emphasizing the importance of personalized medical advice.

Get Medical Card in New York

Simplify access to healthcare services with a medical card in NY. Medical marijuana is used to treat a wide range of conditions, including chronic pain, epilepsy, and glaucoma. Research points to its potential in pain management and symptom relief for various conditions, with emphasis on the need for professional guidance due to varying laws and medical considerations.

Get Acupuncture in New York

Discover the benefits of acupuncture in NY with mobile services that bring wellness directly to you. Praised for effective relief and positive results, acupuncture is a key component of holistic health in New York. Acupuncture is often associated with pain relief and can be an adjunct therapy for those suffering from chronic pain conditions. Research suggests it might help in reducing symptoms of headaches, lower back pain, and knee osteoarthritis.

Hypnotherapy in New York

Explore hypnotherapy services in New York from the comfort of your home. With outstanding reviews, patients find significant improvements in various areas of life, like quitting smoking. Hypnotherapy may be beneficial in managing stress, anxiety, and certain chronic pain conditions. Learn more at our Hypnotherapy page.

Homeopathy in New York

Homeopathy in NY offers a natural and personalized approach to health. Homeopathy, while a topic of debate in the medical community, is chosen by some patients for its individualized treatment approach, aiming to stimulate the body's own healing response. Studies examining homeopathy have shown mixed results, and individuals interested in this treatment are encouraged to consult with healthcare providers Discover how homeopathy can complement your wellness journey at our Homeopathy page.

ESA in New York

Emotional Support Animal (ESA) services in New York are highly reviewed for their positive impact on mental health. Emotional Support Animals (ESA) have been reported to provide comfort and support in alleviating symptoms of various mental health conditions, including anxiety and depression. The psychological benefits of human-animal interactions have been documented in the literature, including a review in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior, highlighting the positive impact on emotional well-being. If you're considering an ESA, learn more about the benefits and process at our ESA page.

Breathing Coach in New York

Improve your well-being with a breathing coach in NY. Engaging with a breathing coach may improve respiratory efficiency, stress management, and overall well-being. Techniques such as diaphragmatic breathing have been explored for their potential to reduce stress levels. Details available at our Breathing Control page.

Gut Biome Testing in New York

Gut biome testing in NY offers insights into your digestive health, with patients reporting improved wellness and dietary adjustments. Gut biome testing can provide insights into the microbial composition of the gastrointestinal tract, which may influence digestive health, immunity, and even mental health. Research published in the Nature Reviews Microbiology suggests that understanding one's gut microbiome can inform dietary and lifestyle adjustments for improved health outcomes. Understand your gut health better by visiting our Gut Biome page.

Functional Medicine

Discover a path to optimal wellness but connecting with a Functional Medicine doctor. This approach goes beyond traditional treatments by targeting the root cause of your health issues, offering a holistic path to not just manage symptoms but to thrive. Patients report remarkable improvements in energy levels, reduced chronic symptoms, and overall enhanced quality of life. Embrace a transformative health journey tailored to your unique needs. Connect with Functional Medicine experts today and start experiencing the profound, lasting benefits of truly personalized healthcare.

Reviews about Heally in NY

"I started using Wegovy through Heally three months ago and I'm already down 20 pounds. The online process was straightforward, and the doctor was incredibly supportive. They made sure I understood everything and followed up regularly to check my progress. Highly recommend for anyone struggling with weight loss!"

Emma L.
rating star

"Using Heally to manage my diabetes has been a game changer. The CGM device they provided helps me monitor my sugar levels in real time, which has been crucial in adjusting my diet and exercise. The setup was easy and the support team was very helpful whenever I had questions."

Josh H.
rating star

"I was curious about the anti-aging benefits of Rapamycin and found Heally’s platform extremely useful. The consultation was informative and the prescription process was seamless. I’ve noticed improved energy levels and overall vitality. It’s great to have access to such innovative treatment online."

Maria G.
rating star

"After trying various diets and exercise plans, I turned to Heally for help with weight loss. The doctor prescribed Semaglutide, and it has significantly curbed my appetite and boosted my weight loss efforts. The whole process was convenient, from consultation to receiving the medication."

Kevin T.
rating star
rating star rating star rating star rating star rating star
4.8 rating of 615 Google reviews

Heally Benefits for Patients in NY

Doctors Available Any Time

With Heally, you have the flexibility to connect with doctors specializing in alternative health in New York at any time that fits your schedule. This 24/7 availability ensures you get the care you need when you need it.

Wide Range of Integrative Medical Services

Explore a comprehensive selection of integrative medical services through Heally, offering more than just traditional alternative medicine in NY. Our platform connects you with a variety of treatments and specialists, catering to your specific health needs.

100% Online Process

Heally offers a completely online process, making it convenient for anyone in New York to access alternative medicine and health services without leaving home. Experience the ease of telehealth in NY from registration to consultation.

Alternative health
and providers

Dr. Krasne

Dr. Benjamin Krasne is a board-certified anesthesiologist. After attending the University of Florida, Dr. Ben went to the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and completed his residency at Jackson Memorial Hospital in 2017.

Dr. Niles

M.D., R.N., F.A.C.O.G.
With more than 30 years of physician practice in the Obstetrics and Gynecology specialty, Dr. Niles is recognized as a leading authority on the delivery of quality medical care. She has a well-established and respected history of worldwide medical collaboration, research, philanthropy, and distinguished leadership.

Dr. Cheryl

Cheryl Bugailiskis, graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She was one of the first doctors to work with Heally in 2015.

Katya Su

Breathing Specialist
Katya integrates her training in functional breathing, yoga and energy healing into a unique program of nervous system reprogramming. She believes that the human body is designed to heal itself if we don't get in its way. Katya is passionate about providing others with knowledge and tools that can help them have a better quality of life, more energy and focus and ability to manage stress.


  • What is a Heally telehealth platform?

    Heally is an online platform that connects patients with healthcare providers specializing in alternative medicine and telehealth services. It enables patients to receive medical consultations and care virtually, from the comfort of their own homes.

  • What types of alternative health services does
    Heally offer in New York?

    In New York, Heally offers a wide range of alternative health services including acupuncture, longevity drugs, weight loss doctors, nutritional counseling, and more. These services aim to provide holistic and integrative approaches to health and wellness.

  • Is Heally telehealth right for me?

    If you're seeking convenient access to healthcare professionals, especially in alternative medicine in New York, without the need to travel for an in-person visit, Heally telehealth may be a great option for you.

  • Can I choose my telehealth doctor?

    Yes, Heally allows you to choose from a network of doctors specializing in alternative health based on their expertise, availability, and your health needs, ensuring a personalized healthcare experience.

  • How do I schedule a telehealth appointment?

    Scheduling a telehealth appointment with Heally is simple. Just register on the Heally platform, browse through available services, choose one that fits your needs, and select a time that works for you.

  • What technology do I need for a Heally
    telehealth appointment?

    For a Heally telehealth appointment, you'll need a stable internet connection and a device such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer, to communicate with your healthcare provider.

  • Is Heally telehealth secure?

    Heally prioritizes patient privacy and security. All telehealth appointments are conducted through a secure, encrypted platform that complies with HIPAA regulations to protect your personal health information.

  • How do I connect for my telehealth appointment?

    You'll receive instructions via email or through the Heally platform on how to connect for your telehealth appointment. This usually involves clicking a secure link at your scheduled appointment time.

  • How much does a telehealth appointment
    cost at Heally?

    The cost of a telehealth appointment at Heally varies based on the type of service and the healthcare provider. Prices are transparently listed on the Heally platform, allowing you to know the cost upfront.

  • Does Heally accept my health insurance?

    Heally's healthcare providers do not accept traditional health insurance. However, you can use Health Savings Accounts (HSA), Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), and payment plans through Sezzle for all services, providing flexible payment options to meet your needs.

Dr. Niles
This information was reviewed by Dr. Niles

With more than 30 years of physician practice in the Obstetrics and Gynecology specialty, Dr. Niles is recognized as a leading authority on the delivery of quality medical care. She has a well-established and respected history of worldwide medical collaboration, research, philanthropy, and distinguished leadership.

Data Last Updated 04/11/2024