Can CBD Help Treat COVID-19 Symptoms?

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Although populations around the globe are increasingly receiving a COVID-19 vaccination, the virus continues to challenge and strain our healthcare systems. It has become clear that we are going to be living with the ramifications of a global pandemic for years to come. As vaccine rollouts continue, new therapeutic interventions are still needed to treat severe cases of COVID-19. 

Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) is the leading cause of mortality in severe cases of COVID-19. ARDS is associated with the production of pro-inflammatory proteins called cytokines. The coronavirus often instigates an autoimmune response resulting in the overproduction of cytokines, a phenomenon known as a “cytokine storm”. Cytokine storms cause ARDS aggravation, leading to widespread tissue damage that results in multi-organ failure and death in very severe COVID-19 cases. 

Due to the potent anti-inflammatory effects of CBD, Researchers have begun to study its potential to mitigate pro-inflammatory cytokine storm responses in COVID-19 patients.

CBD and Cytokine Storms

Cytokine Storms

Several studies have already demonstrated a potential protective role for CBD in reducing cytokine storms, protecting pulmonary tissues, and regulating the body’s inflammatory response in COVID-19 patients. A 2020 study showed that CBD alone inhibited around 75% of cytokines in tests on human blood cells, while CBD combined with terpenes—the compounds that give cannabis its signature aroma and flavor—inhibited nearly 90% of cytokine production. This is compared to a 30% inhibition observed from dexamethasone: a corticosteroid sometimes used as a treatment for severe cases of Covid-19.

Other studies have also observed the ability of CBD to suppress cytokine storms in animal models, further suggesting that CBD may serve as a novel therapeutic option to treat cytokine storms and ARDS in patients with or without COVID-19.

Can CBD Cure COVID-19?

can CBD cure covid?

Although early studies continue to show that CBD can potentially help with some symptoms of COVID-19 and other respiratory syndromes, scientists and researchers advise that, for now, users and healthcare personnel should avoid the use of cannabis for COVID-19 treatment until further studies can validate and expand on our knowledge of CBD as a viable option.

Despite more research being needed to qualify CBD as a treatment for ARDS and cytokine storms in COVID-19 patients, these studies have further demonstrated its potential ability to relieve both chronic and acute inflammation, and as a treatment for numerous autoimmune disorders.

CBD is also legal nationwide, so you can now get CBD products shipped right to your door to gain these anti-inflammatory benefits. For those with existing autoimmune conditions, it’s even more important to stay healthy and give your body every advantage in fighting off COVID-19.

CBD Products to Reduce Inflammation

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Green Care Medical Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Active Formula

This higher dose, full-spectrum CBD oil can reduce pain and inflammation while simultaneously helping you settle into a relaxed and calm state of mind.


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Bloom Farms CBD Sequoia Mint CBD Mini Vapor Pen

Convenient without sacrificing quality, Bloom Farms vape pens come loaded with 250mg of CBD that contains at least 60% cannabinoid content. They are an effective, portable option to address body aches and inflammation.

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Interested in using cannabis as an alternative treatment? Get your cannabis card with a licensed physician.

Interested in using cannabis as an alternative treatment? Get
your cannabis card with a licensed physician.