Ozempic for Weight Loss: How to Properly Use Your Ozempic Pens

how to use ozempic pens

So, you’ve decided to take Ozempic for weight loss—great choice! If you’re using Ozempic for weight loss, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with Ozempic pens

These pens are how you administer your medication, so it’s important you understand how to properly use and store them. In this guide, we’ll discuss everything you need to know to get started with your Ozempic dosage pens

What are Ozempic Dosage Pens?

The Ozempic dosage pen is a convenient pre-filled injection pen that contains your Ozempic medication. It is designed to simplify the administration of your Ozempic weight loss weekly dose. 

Alongside the pen, each carton also contains NovoFine Plus needles specifically designed for use with the Ozempic pens

How many doses in Ozempic pens?

There are different doses available for Ozempic. Depending on your prescribed dosage, you may have a pen that delivers 0.25 mg, 0.5 mg, 1 mg, or 2 mg per injection. Each pen holds four doses, or one month’s worth of medication. 


How to Store Your Ozempic Pens

Proper storage of your Ozempic pens is crucial to maintain the efficacy and the safety of your medication. Here’s what you need to know:

Before First Use

Before using your Ozempic pen for the first time, it must be refrigerated between 36 and 46 degrees Fahrenheit (2 to 8 degrees Celsius). This ensures the stability of the medication until it’s ready for administration.

After First Use

Your Ozempic dosage pens will come with multiple doses, so they will need to be stored between first use and last use. 

Once you’ve used your Ozempic pens for the first time, store it:

  • At room temperature between 59°F to 86°F (15°C to 30°C), OR 
  • In the refrigerator between 36°F to 46°F (2°C to 8°C). 

Your Ozempic pens can be kept for 56 days after first use. Remember to mark the disposal date on your calendar and dispose of the pen after this period, even if there’s still medication left in it.

Unused Ozempic pens may be stored in the refrigerator until the expiration date (“EXP”) printed on the label.

Important Points to Remember:

  • Do Not Freeze: Avoid freezing Ozempic pens, as freezing can affect the integrity of the medication. If your pen has frozen, do NOT use it. 
  • Keep Away from Heat and Light: Store your Ozempic pens away from heat sources and out of direct light to maintain their potency.
  • Refrigerator Storage: When storing in the refrigerator, ensure that Ozempic pens are not placed directly next to the cooling element to prevent freezing.

By following these storage guidelines, you can ensure that your Ozempic pens remain effective and safe for use throughout your weight loss journey.

How to Properly Use Ozempic Pen Doses

Your healthcare provider should show you how to properly use your Ozempic pens before your first use. But, if you need a refresher, we have outlined the steps below. 

Prepare Your Pen. 

  1. Check your Ozempic. The first thing you need to do before administering your injection is check your pen. 
    1. Check the expiration date. You should never take the medication after the expiration date. 
      1. If this pen has been previously administered, make sure that it is within the 56 day window. 
    2. Check the medication. Your medication should be clear and colorless.  
  2. Attach a new needle. You need to use a new needle with every injection. To attach a new needle, you need to:
    1. Tear off the paper tab
    2. Push and turn the needle until it is on tight
    3. Pull of both needle caps
  3. Check the flow. You will need to do this with each new pen:
    1. Turn the dose selector until the dose counter shows the flow check symbol.
      1. Each of your Ozempic pens will include a dose counter. This is located near the bottom of the pen and is shown in a small window. You can adjust the dose counter by twisting the bottom of the pen. 
    2. Press and hold in the dose button at the very bottom of the pen until the dose counter shows zero (0).
    3. Make sure a drop of medication appears on the needle’s tip. 

Inject The Medication.

  1. Select your dose. Turn the dose selector until the dose counter shows the dose you need to inject. This is the actual dosage, not which dose you’re using. 
    1. The display will show 0.25 mg or 0.5 mg for the red‑label pen, 1 mg for the blue-label pen, and 2 mg for the yellow-label pen.
  2. Inject the medication. Now that the pen is ready, it is time to inject the medication:
    1. Insert the needle into your skin. 
    2. Press and hold down the dose button at the very bottom of the pen. 
    3. Once the dose counter reaches zero (0), slowly count to six (6). 
    4. Remove the needle from your skin. 


You need to inject the medication in your thigh, abdomen, or upper arm. You may experience some irritation at the injection site. It is recommended that you rotate the injection site to avoid irritation and inflammation. 

After Injection. 

  1. Remove the needle. After each use, you will remove the needle by twisting it until it loosens. 
  2. Dispose of the needle. You will need to properly dispose of the needle. You can see steps for how to do this safely and legally below. 
  3. Replace the cap. If this is not the last use, you will put the cap back on the pen. 


Novo Nordisk, the manufacturer of Ozempic and the Pozempic pens, provides an in-depth guide. Steps include images for clarity. 

Disposing of Your Ozempic Dosage Pens

Once you’ve used your Ozempic pen and needle, it’s crucial to dispose of them properly to ensure the safety of yourself and others. If you do not properly dispose of them and someone gets hurt, there could be legal ramifications. 

Here is how to properly dispose of your Ozempic dosage pens:

  • Immediately after use, place your used Ozempic pen and needle in an FDA-cleared sharps disposal container. These containers are specifically designed to safely contain sharps waste and can be obtained from pharmacies or healthcare providers.
  • Alternative Household Container: If you don’t have access to an FDA-cleared sharps disposal container, you can use a household container as long as it meets certain criteria:
    • It should be made of heavy-duty plastic.
    • It must have a tight-fitting, puncture-resistant lid that can be closed securely without sharps being able to come out.
    • The container should be upright and stable during use to prevent tipping.
    • It should be leak-resistant to contain any fluids from the used pen and needle.
    • Properly label the container to indicate that it contains hazardous waste, such as “Used Sharps” or “Biohazard.”
  • Follow the FDA’s DOs and DON’Ts for Proper Sharps Disposal


Common problems with Ozempic pen and how to solve them

FAQ about Ozempic Pens

  • Q: How many 0.5 mg doses in an Ozempic pen?

    A: There are different pens available at different doses. The red-label Ozempic pens contain the 0.25 mg and 0.05 mg doses. These pens contain a total of 2 mg of Ozempic and six NovoFine Plus needles. This equates to 4 doses of 0.5 mg per pen.

    These pens administer both 0.25 mg and 0.05 mg doses, so make sure that you are setting the proper dose in the dose selector. 
  • Q: How many doses in an Ozempic 1 mg pen?

    A: The 1 mg Ozempic pens have a blue label and contain a total of 4 mg of Ozempic and four NovoFine Plus needles. Each pen will contain 4 doses. 
  • Q: How do I know when my Ozempic pen is empty?

    A: You can see the medication through the window on the pen. But, this does not always indicate how much is left. So, you can use the dose selector to determine if your pen is empty.

    If you cannot turn the dose selector to a selection, then your pen does not have enough medication left for that dose. 
  • Q: How many doses in an Ozempic 0.25 mg pen?

    A: The 0.25 mg Ozempic pen is the red label pen. It can administer both 0.25 mg and 0.05 mg doses and contains a total of 2 mg of Ozempic per pen. But, only six NovoFine Plus needles are included. You would not be able to administer eight doses of 0.25 mg before the 56 day window closes.

    So, each red label pen contains up to six doses of 0.25 mg. But, you will likely only use 4 at 0.25 mg before your dose is increased to 0.5 mg.

    The six needles are intended to be used for six total doses: four at 0.25 mg and two at 0.5 mg. 
  • Q: How many clicks in a 2 mg Ozempic pen?

    A: The 2 mg Ozempic pens have a yellow label and contain a total of 8 mg of Ozempic. This allows for four doses, or clicks, per 2 mg pen. 
  • Q: How long does one Ozempic pen last?

    A: Each pen is designed to last for one month. It includes four (4), once-weekly doses. The red label pen may last up to six weeks as it can administer both the 0.25 and 0.5 mg doses. 

Using Ozempic for Weight Loss

If you’re planning to use Ozempic for weight loss, you will need to know how to properly store, use, and dispose of your Ozempic dosage pens. By following the guidelines outlined above, you can ensure the effectiveness, safety, and success of your treatment.

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