How to Use CBD Pain Relief Lotions to Manage Joint And Muscle Pain

CBD pain relief lotion

Joint and muscle pain can be debilitating. While many people turn to prescription medications as a means of alleviating pain, a pain relief lotion could be a better option. Unlike prescription medications, there can be fewer side effects with topical creams. 

Topical CBD for pain relief of joint and muscle aches is particularly effective. Whether your pain is a result of a new injury or a chronic injury, CBD body lotion for pain is a natural and functional way of handling your condition.


How a Pain Relief Lotion Differs from Pharmaceuticals

use topical CBD for pain

If you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis or any other type of joint or muscular condition, you probably rely on pharmaceutical medications to get you through each day.  But that’s not always the best option. Unfortunately, synthetic pain medications often come with long lists of side effects. They also may not treat all of your ailments.

On the other hand, a CBD product for pain relief may be more effective and have fewer side effects than your prescription medication. Furthermore, they could be more affordable than your medication. 

Whereas most medications for joint and muscle pain need to be taken orally in pill form, pain relief lotion is purely topical. You apply it to the area that’s causing you pain. In many cases, you feel relief almost immediately. Your body does not need to metabolize a pill for you to get pain relief. This is one of the many reasons people prefer CBD body lotion for pain.


How Does CBD Work on Joint and Muscle Pain?

Before choosing to use a pain relief lotion, you should know what makes it effective. A topical CBD for pain relief is absorbed into your skin. Then, it starts fighting the source of your pain – inflammation.

Lotions without CBD are only designed to fight the pain caused by your condition. But because CBD takes on the leading cause of your pain, it provides additional relief.

CBD body lotion also has an impact on your immune system. Although this may not be important for those suffering from joint and muscle pain caused by injuries, a CBD pain relief lotion can be a game-changer for those with autoimmune diseases. 

In one recent study, scientists discovered that arthritis patients were more sensitive to the effects of cannabinoids. The compound activates the pathways of CB2 receptors in arthritic patients, which combats inflammation.


What About THC and CBD in Pain Relief Lotion?

Topical CBD for pain relief isn’t the only effective way of limiting your pain. THC is also a way to treat joint and muscle pain. Over centuries of use, cannabis has been shown to eliminate pain and reduce inflammation. It also reduces anxiety and depression, both of which are associated with chronic illnesses.

If you want the benefits of THC, you need your medical cannabis card. But CBD pain relief lotion is still effective without the THC. You can connect with a doctor through our telehealth platform to determine what pain relief option is best for you.


Tips for Using CBD Body Lotion for Pain

Tips for using CBD body lotion for pain

Using a CBD salve for your pain is as easy as you might expect. You rub the lotion on the part that ails you, then start to feel the pain diminish.

That said, there are some things you can do to make your pain relief lotion more effective. Follow these tips for maximum relief:


1.  Choose a Product Specifically Designed for Joint and Muscle Pain

There are CBD products made for almost any ailment you can imagine. Before purchasing a CBD product for pain relief, do your research. Choose a product made for joint and muscle pain.

If a product is unclear about its intended use, ask the manufacturer. They should be willing and able to tell you how the pain relief lotion could help you.


2. Only Use High-Quality CBD

Because the CBD industry is not regulated by the FDA, some companies sell CBD that’s of low quality. In fact, some products only contain trace amounts of CBD. 

To ensure you’re getting enough CBD in your body lotion for pain relief, check the concentration of cannabinoids in the lotion. If it’s too low or the ingredients do not list the concentration, shop elsewhere. You deserve to know how much of the active ingredient is in your pain relief lotion. It should also be tested by a third-party to verify that it contains the concentration of ingredients it claims.


3. Test Out Different Concentrations

You sometimes need to test out different doses of medications before finding the right amount. Similarly, you should try different concentrations of CBD to get the desired effects. 

This means doing some experimenting. Typically, you should start with a low concentration of topical CBD for pain relief. If that doesn’t work, then move to a slightly higher concentration.


4. Know Where and When to Apply

Even if you have the best CBD pain relief lotion on the market, it means nothing if you don’t know where and when to apply it. You need to understand the exact location of your pain and apply the lotion to the site. Pain can radiate from one area to another, and if you aren’t applying lotion to the source of pain, you will experience limited relief. Talking to a doctor can help you determine any underlying sources of pain to ensure you target all required areas.

It’s equally important to target the pain as soon as possible. Instead of waiting for the pain to worsen, you should use it at the onset of your symptoms. You’ll get faster relief and won’t need to suffer any longer than necessary.


 5. Shop from the Right Company for Pain Relief Lotion

Unfortunately, not all CBD companies are equal. Some sell lower quality products that may not offer you the relief you want. Heally understands how important it is for you to find a lotion that works. We’ve spent years helping individuals find holistic solutions to their everyday ailments, including natural supplements like high-quality CBD body lotion for pain and other CBD products. Speak with a doctor to develop a treatment plan targeted at your unique concerns and find something that meets your needs.



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Interested in using cannabis as an alternative treatment? Get your cannabis card with a licensed physician.


Interested in using cannabis as an alternative treatment? Get
your cannabis card with a licensed physician.