Natural Supplements for Stress and Anxiety

Natural stress supplements

A 2011 study conducted by the American Psychological Association (APA) found that approximately 44% of Americans have reported that their stress level had increased over the past five years. With so many Americans experiencing higher levels of stress, people are searching for effective ways to manage their stress. Fortunately, there are several natural supplements for stress and anxiety. One of the best natural supplements for stress is CBD. Learn more about the supplement and what it can do for your stress levels.

Learn about CBD natural supplements for stress and anxiety

How CBD Can Help You Manage Stress

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If you’re not already familiar with CBD, there are a few things you should know. CBD is an oil, and it’s derived from the cannabis plant. A cannabinoid, CBD does not contain any THC. As a result, it’s one of the natural supplements for stress and anxiety that will not provide you with a mind-altering high. 

Although CBD is known for numerous health benefits, one of the most widely used applications is for stress management. CBD binds with receptors in your brain, helping you to feel more relaxed. It helps those who are overwhelmed or upset cope with their emotions.

The Facts About CBD for Stress

When it comes to natural supplements for stress and anxiety, you have several options. However, some options come with drawbacks. They might not be completely effective or could come with side effects. 

CBD is one of the best natural supplements for stress because it is highly effective and has very few side effects. In several studies, CBD performed very well as a stress management tool. The results show that it’s one of the top natural supplements for stress and anxiety.

For instance, one 2010 study examined the effects between CBD and anxiety. People who took CBD experienced a decrease in anxiety, and brain scans showed that the cannabinoid altered the blood flow in areas of the brain that are associated with anxiety and stress. 

Another study done in 2015 demonstrated that CBD offered considerable potential as a treatment for anxiety disorders, as well as a stress reducer. If you’re looking for natural supplements for stress and anxiety, CBD could be your best option.

CBD And Other Supplements

CBD and other supplements

For many people suffering from stress and anxiety, a CBD supplement may be enough to relieve your symptoms. However, those with more severe symptoms might benefit from using other supplements or medications in combination with CBD to experience complete relief. 

While CBD is one of the best natural supplements for stress, it’s not your only solution. You should speak to one of our telehealth medical professionals to discuss your options if CBD doesn’t resolve all of your symptoms. There are other natural supplements for stress and anxiety, like medical cannabis, that can help. In some states, medical cannabis is a legal option for treating anxiety.

Getting the Help You Need

Why spend your days worrying about things that you can’t control? CBD is an effective way to combat stress, and it comes with almost no side effects. 

Here at Heally, we’ve seen the power of CBD. We want to help you relieve your stress and live a better life. Browse our selection of CBD products today.

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