What’s Your Favorite Cannabis Strain? Readers Respond!

readers respond favorite strain

Legalization in Canada and in states across the US has brought a flood of new cannabis varieties and products. To help you navigate all the offerings, we asked regular users to tell us about their favorite strain. From the sleepiest Indica to the most energetic Sativa, here are some of the strains cannabis users enjoy most.

Jack Herer

Snezhina Piskova is a digital marketer based in Bulgaria where he works for 10Beasts, a company offering unbiased reviews of the latest and greatest tech. But her favorite strain is an old classic, Jack Herer. Named after a trailblazing cannabis activist. Jack Herer has been uplifting and inspiring users for over two decades. Here’s what Snezhina had to say:

“I prefer to smoke Sativa rather than Indica strains, but often I opt for hybrids, which are a combination of both. My favorite one of all is the Jack Herer strain, which is predominately Sativa and has been cultivated in the Netherlands since the 1990s.

“Jack Herer leaves me feeling very energized and happy, and it fills me with the creative flow that is very important to me for my job and my personal life. I often get anxious and paranoid when I smoke weed, but not with the Jack Herer strain. It has just the right Sativa-to-Indica ratio that keeps my head in the clouds and my feet on the ground. To me, this strain is a prime example of what weed should feel (and smell) like. I whole-heartedly recommend it.”

cookies and chem favorite strain

Cookies and Chem

Erik Levi is a functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner at  Holistic Nootropics, and a medical user based in Puerto Rico. Although he usually prefers a creative Sativa strain, his favorite — Cookies and Chem — breaks the pattern.

“Cookies and chem is an Indica dominant hybrid still keeps the creativity up, but takes the edge off and doesn’t make me tired if I smoke it in the daytime,” says Erik.

Erik brings up an important point for newer cannabis users. As a rule of thumb, Sativa dominant strains are lighter and more energetic, while Indica dominants are heavier, more sedating and good for pain relief. However, there are a lot of exceptions. Most strains are neither pure Indica nor pure Sativa, and the properties of a particular strain matter much more than the Indica/Sativa dichotomy.

Eric says he blends Cookies and Chem with a CBD dominant strain called Nebula 2, to enhance the anti-inflammatory properties.

favorite strain ice cream

Ice Cream

Herbert Maxwell is a cannabis industry professional. He reviews dry herb vaporizers, CBD and seed banks at Herb Reviews and also offers money-saving coupons at Your Weed Coupons. After almost twenty years as a cannabis user, here’s what Herbert has to say about his favorite strain:

“My personal favorite is Ice Cream, a strain developed by Paradise Seeds. What I like about it is its creamy vanilla taste — one of the smoothest I have ever experienced in my vape (The Mighty). While it isn’t the strongest strain you will ever try, it has a nice balance between the Sativa/Indica effects so it is both relaxing and stimulating. It’s great for after work. I can chill, but still have the energy to cook and go about my evening without the couch lock.”

A Few of Our Favorite Cannabis Products

Nowadays, there’s a cannabis strain, edible, tincture or oil for everyone! Here are a few favorites from Heally.

stiizy starter kitStiiizy – OG Kush Stiiizy Pod

OG Kush is a relaxed Indica dominant, ideal for relieving stress, pain, and depression. This handcrafted, solvent-free distillate captures the unique profile of the flower, in a powerful concentrate, tested at 85% THC.

Select durban poison elite cartridgeFriendly Farms – Jet Fuel Live Resin Cartridge

Live resins are extracted from fresh, frozen cannabis to help preserve the terpene profile and flavor of the original plant. This pungent yet sweet strain offers a relaxing yet uplifting high, perfect for stress relief and medical use. 

friendly farms jet fuel resinSelect – Laughing Buddha Oil Cartridge

Select is known for the uncompromising quality of its extracts and hardware. This luxurious Sativa cartridge features ultra-high THC concentration, smooth taste, and a sublime terpene profile.

korova black barKOROVA – Black Bar

For users with extreme pain and high tolerance, finding the right cannabis product can be a major challenge. The black bar provides the high dose many medical users need, in a tasty and extremely affordable package. 

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