Youthful Skin With The Help Of CBD

Integrating CBD with your Skincare Routine
Integrating CBD with your Skincare Routine
We’re all familiar with the old adage, “beauty starts from within,” yet still so many approaches to skincare—especially…

We’re all familiar with the old adage, “beauty starts from within,” yet still so many approaches to skincare—especially to stave off aging—rely only on “fixing” things externally. A more holistic approach to beauty recognizes the importance of optimizing health from the inside out and taking care of the skin in more ways than just its cosmetic appearance.

Within the holistic health space, media darling CBD has become a frontrunner, offering a variety of health benefits that help to turn back the clock. Here we examine some of the many ways CBD can help boost beauty from within and complement other holistic methods.

Beautiful skin begins with healthy skin

Beautiful skin begins with healthy skin. A nutritious diet and plenty of water are the basis of clear, youthful-looking skin, but other methods can help keep it in tip-top shape. Topical CBD application has been shown to promote the healing of skin.

Topical CBD products that promote healthy skin:

Receptra Body Butter 4oz 400mg

Receptra Body Butter – 4oz (400mg)

Try a nourishing body butter, brimming with essential nutrients and naturally-occurring cannabinoids that will stimulate your body’s natural ability to restore your skin’s glow from head to toe.


Aging Process on Skin and CBDEncourage your skin cell health with CBD

As we grow older, our cell turnover rate slows down, which results in:

  • Decrease in collagen and elastin production
  • Reduction of our skin’s elasticity and firmness
  • Dimming of our skin’s luminosity

All of these are contributors to the appearance of aging. Furthermore, the buildup of dead skin cells can clog pores and lead to nasty breakouts.

Restorative CBD oils that promote healthy skin:

Exfoliants and peels can tackle dead, dull skin cells sitting on the surface, but CBD has the power to regulate the life cycle of basal cells to encourage healthy skin cell regeneration. Ensure a well-oiled endocannabinoid system of the skin by getting your daily measured dose of CBD via:

Wander CBD Oil 200mgWander CBD Oil 200mg

A great tasting, responsibly sourced, all-purpose CBD oil supplement. Crafted with the highest quality of ingredients, this oil is designed to help you take a multi-pronged approach to support your wellness routine. We recommend enjoying this inside a detoxifying drink or smoothie.

Select CBD Lemon Ginger Tinctures 1000mg (1oz)

Select CBD Lemon Ginger Tinctures – 1000mg

This pure CBD extract is enriched with a highly refined blend of lemon, ginger, and turmeric essential oils that will help you nourish your skin from the inside out. Add a drop of this to your tea, or meal to seamlessly integrate the many health benefits of CBD into your lifestyle.


Say goodbye to stiffness and embrace your inner youth

Looking and Feeling Young with CBD

So much of looking young is feeling young, since everything begins from within. Tap into your youthful radiance by taking care of your body and its joints. Daily stretching or restorative exercise like yoga can help improve vitality. Giving extra tender loving care to any points of tenderness is essential to feeling your best. Furthermore, topical CBD application can serve as a pain-relieving aid by reducing inflammation and joint swelling.

Topical CBD products that help relieve pain:

Peppermint THC CBD Salve Made From Dirt

Made From Dirt 1:1 Peppermint Pain Salve – 50mg/50mg

Say goodbye to stiff joints and sore muscles with a synergistic blend of cannabis and peppermint in the form of a cooling salve. Apply over your problem areas and feel your pain soothe away.



Doing Yoga and Aging Gracefully With CBD

Relieve your tension and revive your skin

Lastly, living a life free of tension and strain can do wonders for your health and appearance. Stress doesn’t do the skin any favors and actually directly contributes to inflammation and skin aging. Eliminating stressors and getting more sleep directly improves the health and appearance of skin. CBD can also help to combat stress and encourage relaxation as well.


CBD products that counter stress and promote rest:

USA Hemp Co Golden Redwood CBD FlowerUSA Hemp Co Golden Redwood CBD Flower

Try this highly relaxing strain to get your body feeling up and your stress levels down. Golden Redwood can help you rediscover balance by diminishing your anxiety and stress, and clearing your mind and thoughts.


Select CBD Relax - Lavender Vape Pen - 250mg - cannabis for migraine s

Select CBD Relax – Lavender Vape Pen

Unwind at the end of the day to the soothing scent of lavender with a vape pen that blends the purest form of CBD oil, with highly refined lavender essential oils. Inhale 3 seconds for calm and tranquility.


There are countless ways to take advantage of the health benefits of CBD—especially when it comes to your skincare routine. If you’re already practicing holistic methods to bolster your natural beauty and slow the clock, CBD is an effortless supplement to enhance your efforts.



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