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The prevalence of anxiety disorders is high, particularly in the western world.
Examples of anxiety disorders include panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder.
Some symptoms include stress that’s out of proportion to the impact of the event, inability to set aside a worry, and restlessness.
Traditionally treatment has included includes counseling or medications, including antidepressants.
Recently studies have shown that medical marijuana as advised by a doctor knowledgeable in cannabis could be helpful.
For example
BMC Psychiatry Study 2014 found that anxiety is positively associated with cannabis use or CUD in cohorts drawn from some 112,000 non-institutionalised members of the general population of 10 countries.

Combat anxiety with cannabis

Anxiety and cannabis are two things that most people would not expect to go hand-in-hand. Anyone new or old to cannabis will tell you of a story or two that …
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