Autism and the positive impact of cannabis

  Autism and the positive impact of cannabis Autism and the positive impact cannabis is having on autism…


Autism and the positive impact of cannabis

Autism and the positive impact cannabis is having on autism patient and their family in general

Autism, a mental disorder, has adverse effect on the social relationship of its victim and both non-verbal and verbal forms of communication are seriously altered. People living with autism have a non-functional, fixed daily routine. Changes made to their environment can easily upset them. they often don’t develop interest in many things but they tend to be engaged in specific activities or subject. They have difficulty in understanding how other people feel and do everything possible to avoid eye contact. They can easily experience mood swings. Most of them exhibit certain motor mannerism, for example, body rocking, finger or hand flapping, or dipping.
Marijuana is having positive impacts on two types of autism
Autism is a neural development disorder and people with this disorder often exhibit fixed behavior mannerism, poor communication skills and lack of social interaction. Per diagnostic criterion, the effect of autism becomes noticeable in children as they are about to turn to three years of age. Autism stops the proper functioning of the brain by changing the nerve cells and the corresponding synapses.
Asperger syndrome, also referred to as Asperger’s syndrome, is also a type of disorder which is closely related to autism, and its most noticeable effect is impaired social interaction. People with this disorder also exhibit repetitive and restricted behavior just like in autism.
The amazing impact marijuana is having on people with autism is surprising the medical world
It has been proven that Medical marijuana helps autism patient control seizure, outbursts of rage and temper tantrums. Unpredictable behaviors that have been exhibited by patients in the past can be reduced by using cannabis and products made from cannabis such as tinctures and concentrates. It has been noticed that people who use medical marijuana maintain a more stable state of mind and can easily concentrate on whatever they are doing. Medical marijuana simply produce excellent behavioral modification which eventually lead to safety and Improved health of an autistic patient. This gives both the patients and their family a sense of relieve since the patient. The thing commonly referred to as “gateway drug” by people has proven itself as a very reliable solution for people living with autism and therefore, making life better for the patients and their family that stay around them all the time.

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