Depression and How Marijuana Is Positively Affecting People’s Life

The number of people suffering from depression has continued to increase at an alarming rate in the United…

The number of people suffering from depression has continued to increase at an alarming rate in the United States due to the hard times being experienced by people. Depression, also referred to as clinical depression, often affects people’s lives for weeks or even years. The cause of depression has not really been ascertained but according to studies, the problem is often related to poor nutrition, substance abuse, poor relationship with family and friends, and other related issues that we experience in our daily life.

Marijuana has proven effective at reducing the effect of a type of depression known as Mania. People experiencing mania are depressed but being a manic means that they have difficulty focusing on things and they also have difficulty performing the basic functions of life and this is as a result of the panic state they are in. In some situations, mania can be viewed as the opposite of depression. Mania is used for some psychiatric diagnoses. Apart from mood swings experienced by someone suffering from mania, certain manic behaviors can be exhibited by this individual which is often because of intoxication from drugs, alcohol, and the other common stimulants. Mania can be taken for bipolar disorder, since the episodes of both mania and major depression overlap. It is of utmost importance that mania is diagnosed at its early stages because suicide and admission into a mental hospital often results from prolonged or untreated mania.
Doctors often prescribe different medications to patients suffering from depression over a period since they are not sure of the one that would work. These trials lead to chemical imbalance in the patient which promote suicidal thoughts or even other numerous side effects. Pazil, Zoloft, Paxil and Prozac are some of the medications known to produce these side effects. These side effects include sexual dysfunction, insomnia, headaches, dizziness, and headaches. The side effects experienced by people using these medications are not limited to the ones listed above. These side effects affect the health of the patient and generally makes life more difficult for them.
Medical marijuana has been proven to have positive effect on the lives of patients that use it, and with more studies conducted daily, the lives of many Americans suffering from depression would change for the better with the use marijuana. Just like other mental health disorders, Doctors prescribe different medications for people suffering from major depression before they can determine the one that would work for the patient since individuals respond to different medications differently. One of these medications is Medical marijuana and it has different effects on different patients. However, the effect of Medical marijuana is noticed almost immediately and there is no risk of overdose which is associated with other depression medications. It is recommended that there should be a shift from the usage of multiple medications that cause numerous side effects to the use of marijuana. Patients can now lead a normal life by using marijuana.

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