Effectiveness of Micro-dosing with Medical Marijuana



Effectiveness of Micro-dosing with Medical Marijuana

With scientific research and advancement, patients having been asking our medical marijuana doctors about micro-dosing. As RollingStone magazine pointed out micro-dosing can be an effective method for treating pain, depression, stress, and anxiety. The key is using the smallest dose needed. We at Heally noticed when it comes to medical marijuana treatment  that it is not just the CBD that can provide relief. As Dr. Allan Frankel (a renowned internist in Los Angeles) focused explained that there some interaction of a very very small doses of THC  combined with CBD that might lead to positive impact on many of the conditions people face today.  Stress and Anxiety being one of the largest problems in the first world.  For more information on Dr. Allan Frankels findings can be found here.
micro-dose for medical marijuana patients

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