How Much Weight Can You Lose With Tirzepatide

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Obesity rates have tripled worldwide over the last 50 years. The rates are rising so rapidly, that obesity is now considered an epidemic. But, the more cases we see, the more we learn. 

It is increasingly recognized that obesity is not merely a consequence of poor lifestyle choices. The medical community now views it as a chronic condition, one that requires comprehensive management. 

And, just like other chronic conditions, medication can play a crucial role in its treatment. The quest for effective weight loss solutions continues and yet another contender has emerged. 

Tirzepatide for weight loss has been FDA-approved as of November 2023. 

Tirzepatide weight loss results

Originally FDA-approved in May 2022 for diabetes management under the brand name Mounjaro, Tirzepatide quickly captured attention for its profound weight loss effects. 

Its efficacy in promoting weight loss resulted in a fast-tracked approval process by the FDA for weight management. And, in 2023, the FDA approved Tirzepatide for weight loss under the brand name Zepbound. 

There are already several studies that highlight the impressive weight loss outcomes associated with the Tirzepatide injection. On average, individuals participating in these studies saw an average weight loss of about 20%. 

Eli Lilly and Company, the manufacturer of Tirzepatide conducted a 17-month clinical trial where the average starting weight was 231 pounds for individuals without diabetes and 222 pounds for individuals with a diabetes diagnosis. Participants lost up to 48 pounds by the end of the trial. 

During this trial, individuals were given once-weekly injections of either 5 milligrams, 10 milligrams, or 15 milligrams of Tirzepatide. The results were as follow:

  • 5 milligrams weekly: 15% reduction in body weight
  • 10 milligrams weekly: 19.5% reduction in body weight
  • 15 milligrams weekly: 20.9% reduction in body weight

This is in comparison to the 3.1% loss for the control group receiving the placebo. Additional studies were completed. The SURMOUNT-3 and -4 studies showed even greater Tirzepatide weight loss

SURMOUNT-3 involved a 12-week lead-in period where participants received a low-calorie diet, exercise and weekly counseling sessions. Those with 5% body weight reduction by the end of the 12-week lead-in period were put into a randomized study for an additional 72 weeks. 

Those receiving the Tirzepatide injections saw a total weight reduction of 26% at the end of the 84 week study. 

SURMOUNT-4 studied the weight maintenance after stopping use. This study included a 36-week period where all participants received Tirzepatide injections, with an average 21.1% weight reduction. Then there was a 52-week double-blind treatment period where some received Tirzepatide and others a placebo. 

Those on Tirzepatide lost an additional 6.7% for a total average of 26% and those on the placebo regained about 14.8%. 

When compared with other weight loss drugs, specifically semaglutide, Tirzepatide showed more significant reduction of body weight and fat mass

Factors Affecting Tirzepatide Weight Loss

Why is Tirzepatide so effective? Well, its unique mechanism of action sets it apart from other weight loss medications. 

Like many other type 2 diabetes drugs, Tirzepatide is a GLP-1 receptor agonist. It is also a GIP receptor agonist making it a double-aginator. Dr. Cecilia Low Wang, who chairs the committee that advises the FDA on drugs related to endocrinology and metabolism, called it “a completely new drug class.”

GLP-1 and GIP are hormones produced in the gut that impact satiety. Tirzepatide mimics these hormones, helping individuals feel full faster and remain full longer. It also impacts areas of the brain that control appetite. 

However, it’s important to note that individual Tirzepatide weight loss results may vary. Amanda Velazquez, MD recently told Healthline that it is highly variable. Factors such as starting weight, diet and exercise habits, metabolism, and overall health can all influence the degree of weight loss achieved with Tirzepatide. 

It is important to work closely with a healthcare professional to establish realistic expectations and develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your individual needs. 

Setting Realistic Weight Loss Expectations

While you can expect results with Tirzeptide injections for weight loss, it is crucial that you set realistic goals and expectations. 

Setting realistic goals based on individual factors is key to achieving sustainable results with Tirzepatide. By setting achievable goals, individuals can maintain motivation and track progress effectively. 

This is so crucial to success, the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) put it as the very first step for reaching a healthy weight. 

Studies have found that those who set high, but realistic goals were less likely to drop out of their program. One study found that people who were more motivated by health than appearance were also less likely to drop out. 

Another study found that obese participants were less likely to set targets, but those who did were 10x more likely to be at least 10% lighter after 12 months. 

NHLBI suggests beginning with a goal of 5-10% of your body weight. But, others recommend you don’t fixate on an ideal or landmark weight and suggest focusing instead on achieving a “healthier” weight. 

Here’s what we know works:

  • Set short-term, interim, and long-term goals. Short term goals might involve exercise or diet while long-term goals might include a total weight loss target. 
  • Be specific. Don’t say “I will exercise more,” say “I will walk 15 minutes a day, 3 times per week. 
  • Don’t get discouraged. Results can be slow and plateaus are completely normal. Don’t let them derail your progress. 

Maintaining Tirzepatide Weight Loss Results 

While Tirzepatide can be highly effective in promoting weight loss, it is essential to recognize that obesity is a chronic condition—and chronic conditions typically require continuous treatment. 

It is very common for individuals to regain lost weight, often referred to as “rebounding”, after discontinuing a GLP-1 receptor agonist like Tirzepatide. Why is this?

Tirzepatide injections do not cure obesity; rather, they treat it by suppressing the appetite and prompting weight loss. When the medication is discontinued, the appetite suppressant effects cease. This often results in an increase in caloric intake and an increase in weight. 

Remember the SURMOUNT-4 study found that those on the placebo regained 14.8%. Another study found that while nearly 90% of tirzepatide users maintained their weight loss, only 16.6% of those on the placebo were able to. 

This is why it is recommended that you take a comprehensive approach that addresses not only the physiological aspects of obesity but also the behavioral and psychological factors that contribute to long-term success.

Importance of Diet and Exercise for Long-Term Success

Lifestyle changes alone don’t work for many who are considered obese. But, relying solely on medication doesn’t work either. You need to do both. 

Even while you’re on Tirzepatide, you need to make lifestyle and dietary changes and participate in regular physical activity. These habits will continue even after you stop taking the medication and help you to maintain the Tirzepatide weight loss results

Consult a Weight Loss Doctor for Personalized Guidance

When it comes to reaching your weight loss goals, having a trusted—and medically knowledgeable—partner by your side can make all the difference. That’s where a weight loss doctor comes in. 

By consulting with a healthcare professional about your weight loss goals and expectations, you’ll have access to personalized guidance tailored to your unique needs. They’ll take the time to understand your medical history, lifestyle, current conditions, and weight loss goals and craft a plan that is designed just for you. 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and doctors know this. They customize treatment plans to fit your individual needs and preferences. They can also check-in with you regularly to ensure that you’re continuing to meet your goals in a healthy way. 

How to Get Tirzepatide for Weight Loss

There’s no need to go it alone when you can have a weight loss doctor in your corner. You can make strides toward a healthier, happier you with the help of a knowledgeable healthcare professional. 

It’s not just recommended, it’s required. You can’t get a Tirzepatide prescription without a doctor’s approval. 

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It’s time to reclaim your health and start your journey toward lasting weight loss success. With Heally, the support you need is just a click away. Schedule a virtual consultation today!


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