How to Save Money on Zepbound

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Zepbound, a tirzepatide injection that promotes weight loss, is an excellent option for anyone with a high BMI who struggles to shed weight through more traditional methods. 

However, with weight loss drugs often not covered by insurance, affordability becomes a crucial factor to consider. 

Is Zepbound covered by insurance? Yes, but it depends on your insurance company and plan. If you don’t have Zepbound insurance coverage, this article can help you save money.

How much does Zepbound cost?

The current Zepbound for weight loss cost is about $1000 per 28-day supply. This is the Zepbound cost without insurance. If you have Zepbound insurance coverage, then your costs will be significantly lower. 

By comparison, Wegovy, the semaglutide weight loss medication, is about $1300 per month without insurance. So, Zepbound is available at a lower price point than some of the other popular weight loss aids. 

Considering the potential out-of-pocket Zepbound cost without insurance, it’s important to explore all avenues. There are some factors that directly impact the cost of your medication:

  • Your location
  • Insurance coverage
  • Pharmacy discounts

While the price tag may seem high, you need to weigh the potential benefits against the cost. For many individuals struggling with obesity and weight-related health issues, the potential improvements in overall health and well-being may outweigh the financial investment in the long run. 

There are, of course, options to offset the out-of-pocket Zepbound cost

Strategies to Save Money on Zepbound

There is currently no generic option for Zepbound or tirzepatide medications. And, Zepbound is one of the lower cost options for weight loss medications out-of-pocket. So, you will need to find ways to save money on the brand name. 

There are several strategies you can explore to save money on medications:

  1. Use a Zepbound coupon or Zepbound savings card. Many pharmaceutical companies offer coupons or savings cards for their medications, including Eli Lilly and Zepbound. These discounts can help reduce your out-of-pocket costs when purchasing Zepbound, making it more affordable.
  2. Explore financial or patient assistance programs. Some organizations and foundations provide financial assistance programs for individuals who need help paying for their medications. These programs may offer grants, subsidies, or other forms of assistance to eligible individuals. Eli Lilly offers this through the Lilly Cares Foundation.
  3. Use mail-order pharmacies. Some pharmacies send their prescriptions via mail-order. By using one of these pharmacies, you can access more competitive pricing options. Heally isn’t a pharmacy, but we partner with pharmacies to help you get your Zepbound prescription delivered at a low cost. 

How to Save Money on Zepbound Medication?

  1. Research your options. Start by searching online for Zepbound coupons offered by the manufacturer or local pharmacies. These coupons can provide significant discounts to offset the cost of Zepbound.

    Make sure to follow the instructions carefully to maximize your savings when applying a Zepbound coupon.

    You also have the option of using a Zepbound savings card. Eli Lilly, the Zepbound manufacturer offers a Zepbound savings card that can lower costs to $25 a month for those with commercial insurance coverage.

    If you’re eligible for a patient assistance program, this is also an option. 
  2. Understand the eligibility criteria. Coupons usually require you to use the service offering the coupon. But, the criteria for a Zepbound savings card or a patient assistance program will be more in depth.

    The Zepbound savings card only provides savings for those who have access to commercial insurance. Those with a state-funded insurance plan are not eligible for these savings.

    Patient assistance programs may have very specific eligibility criteria based on factors such as income level, insurance coverage, or medical diagnosis. Take the time to understand the criteria to see if you qualify.

    You can check your eligibility for the Lilly Cares Foundation on their website. 
  3. Check with your healthcare provider. Your healthcare provider can be a valuable resource in helping you find cost-saving options to offset the Zepbound cost without insurance. Don’t hesitate to discuss your financial concerns with your healthcare provider or ask for their guidance.

    Heally, for instance, offers competitive discounts and Zepbound coupons for patients

Get exclusive Zepbound coupons with Heally

While you have many options available to you, with Heally, you can access exclusive Zepbound coupons to help lower your out-of-pocket costs and make your weight loss journey more affordable.


We encourage you to explore all of your options and make the choice that makes the most sense for you. By staying informed and proactive, you can effectively manage the Zepbound weight loss cost


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