Is medical marijuana legal in Minnesota?

Is medical marijuana legal in minnesota?
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The Minnesota government is currently in the process of approving complete marijuana legalization, but for now, one may opt to get a medical marijuana card to alleviate their needs. Though medical marijuana is legal in Minnesota, like in other states it may be a bit tedious to receive your card. In order to qualify, here are some of the qualifying conditions:

  • Sleep apnea
  • Age-related macular degeneration
  • Severe and persistent muscle spasms
  • Cancer/cachexia
  • Glaucoma
  • etc.

Currently one may possess an amount of a 30-day supply of non-inhaled or herbal cannabis products. If you are unable to go to a dispensary, similar to states like Virginia, you can have a registered caregiver pick up medical marijuana for you.

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FAQ on: Is medical marijuana legal in Minnesota?

Can my company become medical marijuana manufacturer in Minnesota?

-Currently, by law, it is only legal more the state of Minnesota to have only two manufacturers

Can I purchase marijuana in a state outside of Minnesota?

-No, in Minnesota it is illegal to carry medical marijuana that is not sold by the two state-approved manufacturers.

If my current healthcare provider does not prescribe medical marijuana, can I go to another doctor?

-Yes, as long as they are participating practitioners. You can get a medical marijuana card through Heally if you click here.

I have a commercial driver’s license, can I use medical marijuana?

-No, because it is a federal agency, you are subject to be drug tested by DOT, which considers any marijuana illegal due to federal regulations.

Can my company become a marijuana testing laboratory?

-Yes, Minnesota holds open enrollment for labs that want to test the quality of medical marijuana. In order to be considered for approval, you must submit an application and have a sit visit. For more information click here.

If I have a firearm, does a medical marijuana card interfere with that?

-Due to all kinds of marijuana being federally legal, one with “unlawful” substance use is not permitted to use a firearm.

How much does registering for a medical marijuana card cost?

-The registration fee costs $50.

If I did not get approved to enroll in the medical marijuana program originally, can I try again?

-Yes, you need to first get re-approved by your med card provider and then fill out information sent to you via email from the government.



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