Is There Potential for Cannabis to be Used for Appetite Control?

Cooking with friends can cannabis impact appetite
Cooking with friends can cannabis impact appetite
Do you find your stomach grumbling almost immediately after you’ve eaten? Are you constantly thinking “I’m starving!” but…

Do you find your stomach grumbling almost immediately after you’ve eaten? Are you constantly thinking “I’m starving!” but you’re most certainly not? Or maybe you experience the opposite and as evening approaches you realize “I haven’t eaten anything all day, but I’m just not hungry”? Or worse, maybe you’re suffering from an illness that zapped your appetite and caused nausea. You’re not alone. Appetite fluctuations are the cause of a lot of stress and frustration. Trying cannabis for appetite might be for you!

Let’s talk about techniques that can help to guide you with actionable steps to test in your own life. Remember that while we curate a list of suggestions based on published medical studies, contributions from licensed physicians, and other qualified sources, you must discuss all the suggestions with your doctor before you begin.

Our goal is to provide affordable doctor visits so patients may access quality care on a more regular basis to provide a better picture of their health landscape. Whether you’re looking to curb your appetite habits or assist your body in encouraging a meal, these steps may be useful in your progress with those goals.  

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What causes fluctuations in appetite?

A heightened appetite may be caused by lifestyle choices or by natural deficiencies in the body, so the first step is understanding what the root causes are by consulting with a doctor.  In some cases, a ravenous appetite may be a sign of an abnormal condition such as diabetes, Grave’s Disease, or hyperthyroidism, and can also be linked to more acute symptoms of chronic conditions like hypoglycemia.

Alongside physical conditions, when we suffer from emotional trauma, or mental-health-related illnesses such as chronic stress, anxiety, or depression, our appetite (or lack thereof) may be an indicator.

Although medical conditions or states of mental health are often at the root of appetite changes, certain prescription drugs may also be the culprit. If this is the case, there may be ways to counteract the side effects of these prescriptions through holistic methods – like utilizing cannabis – without overly potentiating the dose, but this should be done under the supervision of a physician.

As a reminder, potentiation is the interaction between two or more drugs or agents resulting in a pharmacologic response greater than the sum of individual responses to each drug or agent.

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What are lifestyle changes that may help to lower appetite?

It may seem silly, but small changes in our choices (aka lifestyle habits) can play a significant role in controlling appetite. There are many adjustments to foods we include or exclude from our diet that may help to reduce an overactive appetite, such as:

To aid in increasing appetite it is suggested to:

  • Set alarms to eat smaller meals or snacks throughout the day
  • If you are sensitive to food smells, make foods that aren’t extremely aromatic or smelly to avoid the feeling of nausea.
  • Consume nutrient-rich and energy-dense foods such as nuts and nut butter, dried fruits, cheese, granola bars, and avocados.

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Looking for holistic foods and supplements to reduce appetite?

  • The substance found in raspberries called raspberry ketone is responsible for their distinct smell. Studies have shown it can aid in preventing visceral body fat from developing around the liver and other organs and increases the breakdown of lipids (fat molecules) within fat cells.
  • Green Tea has been utilized as an aid in weight loss for millennia in Chinese medicine. Rich in phytochemicals and antioxidants, green tea may also aid in weight loss. A 2009 Journal of Nutrition study found that the catechins in green tea may speed up the body’s metabolic rate and promote fat loss, especially in the abdomen.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar has been a hot commodity when it comes to gut health. It may promote fullness, which can decrease calorie intake. Studies have shown a connection between acetic acid or acetates and preventing weight gain and the reduction of belly fat storage. When centers in your brain that control appetite is suppressed, it can lead to reduced food intake.
  • Ginger has many health benefits due to its stimulating effect on the digestive system. According to a pilot study in 2012, ginger enhanced thermogenesis in the body which makes it burn more calories throughout the day.

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How do THC & CBD reduce appetite?

Patients have reported that cannabis has a profound effect on hunger drive, often increasing hunger in patients suffering from chronic illnesses where decreased hunger is a symptom. On the other hand, recent research into CBD has shown that this cannabinoid plays a significant role in fat-browning and can potentially promote weight loss by burning energy.

More specifically, the terpene, Tetrahydrocannabivarin (or THCV) has recently been found to function as an appetite suppressant by reducing the reward sensation that comes after eating delicious foods.

Another terpene with a good reputation for decreasing hunger and reducing inflammation is linalool. Linalool acts as an adaptogen, controlling the release of cortisol, encouraging stress relief, and the reduction of feelings of anxiety.

CBD Products that could help to reduce appetite or aid in weight loss:

carolina dream cannabis strain for appetite control

High in CBD, Carolina Dream is as enjoyable as it is effective. With discrete lavender and fruit scents, this strain is a cross between the popular AC/DC and the unparalleled Cannatonic. Balanced with an uplifting effect for an ideal remedy to relieve stress & pump up your mood.

Select CBD Capsules Montel Williams

Alert is a tailored blend of CBD and effect-specific terpenes. These capsules seamlessly pair the two together to deliver the mid-day boost you didn’t know you needed.


THC/CBD Products that help to reduce appetite:

Durban Poison cannabis strain good for appetite controlKnown to be high in THCV, the Sativa strain from the South African port city of Durban, Durban Poison, is a great strain to try out for appetite suppression. A side bonus? Its uplifting effects make it ideal for focus and productivity in all creative explorations whether it be for work or pleasure.

select cbd cartridges appetite control with cannabis

Select ELITE contains a luxuriant terpene-infused oil from strains known to be high in THCV. This top-shelf cartridge packs a powerful punch with its highest concentration of activated THC. Single source terpenes are reintroduced after the distillation process for strain-specific flavors and effects.

Adjusting the levels of your appetite can be achieved through intention and focused lifestyle changes. Whether you choose to solidify a great new sleep schedule, incorporate more appetite-suppressing terpene-rich cannabis strains, or simply mix up your diet, each step moves you closer to a more balanced appetite and potentially weight loss, or weight gain depending on your goals. Consult with a doctor to ensure you both understand and agree with the plan before you begin so you’re set up for success.

By Bri Smith

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Interested in using cannabis as an alternative treatment? Get
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