Medical Cannabis Edibles Now Legal in Florida

florida cannabis laws

Since 2016, permanent residents and adult seasonal residents with a valid medical marijuana card have been able to legally purchase and consume medical cannabis in Florida.  

These medical cannabis patients were able to legally possess and consume five different types of cannabis products, including concentrates, tinctures, capsules, topicals, and smokable marijuana flower. But, the question on patients mind? Are edibles legal in Florida? The answer until now was no. But fortunately, that’s about to change. 

New Emergency Rules Published

On August 27, 2020, the Florida Department of Health, which oversees the Office of Medical Marijuana Use, published emergency rules that allow edible products to (finally) enter the market. The rules go into effect immediately.

This is the biggest news in Florida’s medical marijuana industry since smokable marijuana was authorized last year. 

While not overly strict, these new rules come with restrictions, however. All edible products will be stamped with a red diamond and exclamation point on top of the letters “THC.” However, to discourage consumption by children, the rules state that all edible products must be in geometric shapes and cannot bear a reasonable resemblance to candy that is commercially available. This includes edibles that look like animals or cartoons — such as gummy bears and animal crackers. Edible products also cannot include icing, sprinkles, or toppings or any kind. You won’t see edibles with any color additives or primary and bright colors, either. Chocolate edible products won’t be allowed to contain any fillings, either, including nuts, fruit, honey, caramel, or marshmallows.

While emergency rules are typically only in effect for 90 days, the legislators endowed state health officials with the ability to issue emergency rules that can be in effect for years. 

An Alternative Form of Cannabis

cannabis leaf, chocolate, and granola

Soon, almost 400,000 medical cannabis patients in Florida will be able to purchase baked goods, chocolates, and lozenges for a more discreet and delicious way to ingest their medicine. Because every patient reacts differently to this medicine, it’s good to have options. For patients who can’t swallow pills or smoke for health reasons, edibles offer an alternative form of treatment.

granola bars

Many medical marijuana companies in the state have already set up facilities or partnered with high-end cannabis confectionery companies to bring their edible products to market quickly in anticipation of such updated rules. 

To the excitement of many, it won’t be long until patients can purchase cannabis-infused fruit leather, granola bars, and chocolate at a local dispensary in Florida. It’s still unclear how soon edibles will hit the shelves. However, several medical marijuana operators are already working on getting approvals and authorizations to start selling them as soon as possible. Be on the lookout for edibles to hit the shelves near you. 

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Interested in using cannabis as an alternative treatment? Get your cannabis card with a licensed physician.

Interested in using cannabis as an alternative treatment? Get
your cannabis card with a licensed physician.