Psychedelic Therapy: What it is, and Where to Find It

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Psychedelic therapy is a psychiatric practice using substances such as ketamine, peyote, psilocybin, ayahuasca, MDMA, and more. This type of therapy is becoming significantly more popular in current Western clinical settings, even being praised as a “radical innovation” in therapy after showing promising results in studies and trials. However, psychedelic substances such as ayahuasca, have been used for thousands of years by indigenous peoples for religious practices. Ayahuasca is made from boiling the vines of a plant native to what is now Bolivia into a tea, and even today “ayahuasca retreats,” where travelers go on trips across the world to experience its effects, are widely popular. However, why go across the world when psychedelic therapy is now available right at your fingertips? Let’s start our journey by learning about the different types of psychedelic therapy, and how you can start your own journey without even leaving your desktop.


Psilocybin is the main compound found in “magic mushrooms,” as they are more popularly known. With its use in psychedelic therapy, it has shown to help relieve symptoms of both anxiety and depression, even in severe cases such as people experiencing these conditions along with terminal illnesses. Additionally, the University of Utah Health Department reports psilocybin-administered psychedelic therapy can ease other ailments such as experiencing anxiety at end of life, existential crisis, OCD, and even alcohol and tobacco abuse disorder. Medical professionals acknowledge psychedelic therapy with the help of psilocybin as giving the gift of lots of potential to treat conditions previously considered difficult to find solutions for.

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Ketamine is a short-acting, injectable dissociative anesthetic that is also gaining positive attention in the medical field for its success when used in psychedelic therapy. Immediate effects have been reported to be relief from pain, a feeling of calm euphoria, and detachment from a patient’s environment. Over numerous trials, low doses of ketamine have been shown to reduce depression significantly, making it a great choice for someone who wants to try psychedelic therapy in low dose administrations. For people with more severe depression, studies have shown this form of therapy to provide significant relief lasting six to eight weeks after one session. Read our very own blog category highlighting ketamine to learn even more about this treatment!


Lysergic acid diethylamide, or LSD, is a synthetic crystalline compound more widely known to be a drug that causes intense hallucination. However, in controlled doses administered by professionals conducting psychedelic therapy, LSD has been found to treat depression and anxiety in severe cases including people with terminal illnesses just like psilocybin. However, LSD is also a good choice for people seeking therapy to help with alcohol abuse disorder and the withdrawals that come with the disorder. This form of psychedelic therapy is known to be one of the more long-lasting options in terms of its benefits.

Where Can I Find Psychedelic Therapy Near Me?

Look no further than where you are at this very moment! Here at Heally, we bring together alternative medicine and new-age telehealth to create a system that brings holistic medicine straight to you without having to search for a provider, schedule an office visit, or take the time out of your day to make the journey and sit in a waiting room. You can connect and speak with a number of licensed psychiatrists and take care of any services you’d like right from home. If you are ready to try psychedelic therapy, connect with a doctor today!

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