The Top 3 Benefits You’ll Gain by Doing Breathing Exercises


Breathing is an autonomic process that happens naturally and unconsciously. You go through life breathing, in and out, in and out, without a second thought.

But what if you were to actually put thought into this process? What if breathing became a conscious, focused act? This is known as breathwork, which may provide many physical and emotional benefits.

1. Helps You Regain Power over Your Thoughts and Emotions

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Breathing exercises may help ease your mind by slowing down emotional turbulences and helping you process negative emotions. In turn, this may help you reach a deeper state of mind. That’s why breathing exercises are often a recommended therapy for people managing symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. Studies suggest it may also help people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

Working with a breathing coach may help you breathe more intentionally. By regularly practicing breathwork, you may become more aware of your thoughts and focus on your feelings before releasing them. Unfortunately, unprocessed negative emotions like fear, anxiety, and trauma may get trapped and start to take control of your life, so by trying breathing exercises, you have the potential to alleviate these emotions.

Breathing mindfully may help you focus your mind and release you from the grips of your negative mental state. It can give you power over your thoughts and your emotions.

2. Releases a Feeling of Physical Calm

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When the stresses of life start to affect you, you might feel it physically. You may operate under a fight-or-flight response, which can release a surge of cortisol and adrenaline hormones into the body. When this occurs, you’ll notice that your breathing speeds up. Your blood pressure and pulse will increase, and you might find yourself in a heightened state of hypervigilance.

In such a fight-or-flight scenario, deep, meaningful breathing can offer immediate physical benefits by activating your parasympathetic nervous system. This, in turn, will slow down your heart rate and lower your pulse and blood pressure. The deep breaths will also help you take in larger amounts of oxygen, which can reach all your organs and cells. 

Breathing exercises may also have a therapeutic effect on chronic pain by relaxing your tense muscles, which can aggravate your pain. They can release endorphins, which can help reduce your sensitivity to physical pain. As a result, you’ll be left with feelings of well-being. 

As a result, you’ll potentially find yourself feeling physically calmer, and you might be able to better manage chronic pain as well.

3. Increases Presence, Happiness, and Joy


When you can regain control over your breaths, you ultimately may regain control of your mind and body. In turn, this can make you more self-aware, present in the moment, and happy in your current state.

Breathing exercises create a deep presence where you focus on your inner self rather than the outer world. In this space, everything slows down, which can put you in an almost dreamlike state, where you’re no longer bound and controlled by your negativity, stresses, past, or future. Many people who practice breathwork describe feeling happiness and joy as they experience this shift in consciousness. 

The benefits of learning and practicing simple breathing techniques may help you live a more peaceful and mindful life. Work with an online breathing coach to learn basic breathwork practices. Book an appointment at Heally to get started.

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