7 Types of Cannabis and CBD Products Available in Rhode Island

Types of Cannabis and CBD Products Available in Rhode Island

Rhode Island cannabis law seems to be rapidly changing for the better. The state has made medical cannabis legal, decriminalized possession of small amounts of products, and their governor has planned to try to legalize adult cannabis use in 2020. However, for the time being, Rhode Island still has limits on what cannabis products adults can use recreationally. Here are what types of cannabis products are available in Rhode Island.

CBD derived from hemp is available all across America. It’s prized for its ability to fight stress without the psychoactive effects of THC, as well as for several other health benefits. Some of the benefits of CBD include fighting depression, combating inflammation naturally, treating insomnia, and managing pain.

CBD Products Rhode Island:

receptra active naturals cbd tinctureReceptra Active These full-spectrum hemp extract packs combine fatty acids, turmeric, and MCT oil with 15+mg of CBD per serving, for a potent performance boost. This extract will fuel your active lifestyle, boost your energy, and fight stress, injury, and fatigue.


bloom farms blackberry vapeBloom Farms CBD BLACKBERRY Mini Vapor Pen Enjoy the medicinal benefits of CBD oil with the natural flavor of blackberries! This convenient CBD oil vapor pen contains at least 60% cannabinoids, combining CBD with other healthful compounds extracted from hemp. In a convenient 0.5 gram vaporizer.

2. Cannabis Concentrates and Oils

Benefits: Fast-acting, easy-to-use Oils and concentrates are an easy way to enjoy cannabis conveniently, without harsh smoke. When cannabis concentrated is heated by a vaporizer, the THC and other cannabinoids are released, enabling patients to dose with just a puff or two. Effects kick in quickly (usually about 90 seconds after dosing), which is great for migraines, muscle aches, anxiety attacks, and other conditions where quick relief is desired.  However, as the name implies, concentrates are very strong. If you’ve just gotten your medical cannabis card and are new to cannabis, be sure to give yourself several minutes between puffs to avoid getting uncomfortably high.

Local Product Available:

uno jupiter rhode island marijuana High THC: Jupiter POD .5G (INDICA) Extracted from the classic OG Kush strain, this high-THC cartridge is a great first extract for Rhode Islanders.


3. Flower/Smokable Medical Cannabis in Rhode Island

Benefits: Fast onset, social Smoking is a traditional way to consume cannabis. Smoking the flowers gives users a quick onset, and can be an enjoyable social occasion with other patients. However, the smoke can be quite harsh for some people, and many patients prefer to smoke through a water bong for cooler smoke and a less harsh experience.  Alternately, you may want to consume leaf with a cannabis vaporizer, such as the Pax 3. These vaporizers work similarly to concentrate vaporizers, heating the raw leaf until the THC and cannabinoids leave it. That enables users to breathe in the medicinal ingredients without the smoke. Currently, Rhode Island only has a few dispensaries in operation. Fortunately, the restrictions on cannabis flowers for patients are quite low, allowing you to stock up on as much as 2½ ounces of flower — more than enough to last most patients between trips to the dispensary.  Rhode Island law is also friendly towards patients who chose to grow their cannabis, allowing you to grow as many as twelve mature plants. Local Product Available:  Block Island Kush Block Island Kush With its upbeat vibe and refreshing citrus flavors, this pleasant strain is helpful for patients fighting stress, depression, anxiety, and pain.

4. Edibles

Benefits: Prolonged effect, discrete  Edibles are a great way to consume medical cannabis for patients who need long-lasting effects. Edibles enable you to discreetly consume your cannabis on the go in more or less any form you want. Choose from chocolates, gummies, cannabis drinks, mints, and more. Edibles also make it easy to dose precisely, ensuring you get the correct dosage each time.  However, edibles can be a little tricky for beginners, because onset takes so long. It can take up to two hours to feel the maximum effect, which can lead new cannabis patients to underestimate how much they’ve taken. Fortunately, while taking too much can be uncomfortable, you can’t overdose on cannabis. If you’re new to cannabis edibles, start with a low dose (2.5 to 5 mg of THC) and wait for the full effect before taking more.

5. Capsules

Benefits: Convenient, prolonged effect Capsules are measured doses of cannabis available in pill form. Cannabis pills have the same benefits as edibles: they’re easy to take, long-lasting, and convenient. However, as with edibles, they take a long time to kick in, which can make it tricky for new users to get their dose right.

Local Product Available: 

cbd capsules thc

THC and CBD Capsules Available in 10 mg THC, 30 mg THC, and 30 mg CBD.

6. Tinctures

Benefits: Precise dosing and discrete Tinctures are great dosing methods for cannabis patients who want more precise control over their dosing. Tinctures consist of cannabis extracted in alcohol, which absorbs quickly into your bloodstream when taken sublingually (i.e. under your tongue.) For Rhode Islanders dealing with chronic pain, nausea, or other ongoing medical issues, tinctures are a great way to consume medicine.  Local products available:

howls tinctures rhode island

Howl’s Tinctures

Howls create a range of full-spectrum cannabis tinctures, which are available to Rhode Island medical users as well as in Massachusetts. They have pure extracts from a variety of different strains, enabling you to select the right balance of psychoactive and medicinal properties for your condition.

7. Rubs/Topicals

Benefits: Ideal for localized pain, no psychoactive effects is excellent for reducing inflammation and helping with a range of aches and pains. Cannabis topicals provide relief of localized pain, without the psychoactive effects of taking cannabis internally. In Rhode Island, patients may be topicals that include THC (the ingredient responsible for the “high”) along with other cannabinoids, but these products should not have a strong psychoactive effect.



Medical marijuana aka. cannabis should be used under the direction of a licensed healthcare provider. This site is intended for adults and legal medical marijuana patients and contains links to products we sell on our marketplace.

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Interested in using cannabis as an alternative treatment? Get your cannabis card with a licensed physician.


Interested in using cannabis as an alternative treatment? Get
your cannabis card with a licensed physician.