Enhance Mother’s Day With Cannabis

Mother’s Day With Cannabis
Moms run the world. They literally give us life, take on one of the hardest roles, and do…

Moms run the world. They literally give us life, take on one of the hardest roles, and do it all without an end to their workday or any time off. While moms deserve to be celebrated year-round, Mother’s Day is a special time to make sure they know they’re loved and appreciated.

This year, give mom something she really wants—and truly needs—by carving out that overdue “me time” for her. She might never take a day off from the many juggling acts of being a mom, but scheduling time devoted to self-care and healthful wellness practices shows her you care about her happiness and well-being. Self-care comes in many forms, so you can tailor an experience you know your mom will love.


Cannabis-infused gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

A restorative massage. 

For the woman who does it all, a massage can be a particularly restorative practice that goes beyond simple relaxation. A massage offers many health benefits, especially in terms of pain management, that can be important with age.


Cannabis massage for mom

Topical THC supplements to enhance her therapeutic massage:

Upgrade her massage experience with topical cannabinoid application to further reduce inflammation and add another level of relaxation.


Peppermint THC CBD Salve Made From Dirt

Made From Dirt Co. Peppermint Pain Salve 1:1 

For even stronger pain relief, let your mom try the combination of cannabis,  Peppermint oil, pine oil, and tamanu oil. Achieving calming effects without the high of edible THC.



A euphoric spa experience she can enjoy from home

If mom prefers to unwind within the comforts of her home, give her everything she needs for an indulgent at-home spa day. Sometimes something as simple as a hot bath can be a luxurious break from the day-to-day and a welcome opportunity to practice mindfulness with a playlist of her favorite song, topped off with:


OM Bath Salt Lavender and CBD and THC

OM Body Lavender  

A bath salt that combines Epsom Salt, Cannabis Flowers (25mg THC and 25mg CBD) and Apricot Kernel Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Seed Oil, Argan Oil & Essential Oils.



CBD Eye Cream

The Gold Q Eye Cream  

At-home facial, with a potent eye cream that features refined hemp extract. The cream lifts, firms and smooths under-eye skin with whiten/brighten technology to relieve the dark circles and puffiness associated with sleep issues and stress.

Help Mom Sleep Peacefully with Cannabis

breakfast for mother's day, Mother’s Day With Cannabis

Good health begins with a good night’s rest, and if anyone deserves to catch more Z’s, it’s moms. Breakfast in bed is a classic Mother’s Day gesture, but why not expand the gift to include everything she needs for the ultimate shut-eye the night before? Ensure your mom is practicing good sleep hygiene by helping her craft her own sleep ritual.

Instead of counting sheep, the right dose of Indica can be the key to a restorative night of sleep. Whether she’s a seasoned cannabis user or just beginning to experiment, there are many ways mom can get a measured dose.

Have a little fun!

Not all self-care needs to be mellow. There’s a reason they say laughter is the best medicine. Laughter has been shown to decrease stress hormones while increasing immune cells. This Mother’s Day, inspire and share some laughs with a game night or stream a comedy or stand-up session on Netflix.

Get a little silly with some Sativa-infused snacks to really get the giggles going, like strawberry-flavored gummies or chocolate taffy.

For a more streamlined approach to unlocking a euphoric evening in, get straight to it with Blue Dream, a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain.

Bouquets are beautiful and cards can be sweet, but making time for self-care has a much more lasting impact. This Mother’s Day, put mom’s health first. Treat her to a holistic approach to wellness—with a welcome dose of cannabis—that gives her the tools to take charge of her health and well-being (because we know she’s been busy taking care of everyone else).



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Interested in using cannabis as an alternative treatment? Get
your cannabis card with a licensed physician.