The Cost of Semaglutide for Weight Loss and Where to Find Discounts

semaglutide costs for a vial

Semaglutide comes with a wide range of considerations when starting treatment including costs with or without insurance, possible patient assistant programs, plus discounts and research that patients must perform. This makes the decision very difficult for patients who are eager to begin their weight loss journey. When considering the overall cost of semaglutide, it is important to factor in the possibility of out-of-pocket costs and whether your insurance provider will be willing to cover the injections. You will also want to avoid forgetting about other cost factors such as specific dosage, doctor visits and consultations. In order to navigate through whatever questions you might have along the way, it is crucial to read this article and absorb all the important factors that come with a semaglutide prescription.

Factors affecting Semaglutide Cost

When considering semaglutide, there are many factors to consider that affect cost. These factors can include the duration of treatment, insurance coverage and specific dosage of the medication. For weight loss purposes, doctors will start with a lower dosage of subcutaneous injections and slowly work up depending on how the patient reacts to the medication. Prices can vary based on these conditions. This dosing strategy means that the duration of treatment can also vary, but it is usually meant to be long term. Specific healthcare plans currently have little influence over the price, but there are certain individuals who may be eligible for patient assistance programs.

Semaglutide Prescription Cost

The cost of semaglutide ranges between $0 (with insurance coverage) and 600 dollars a month depending on different factors. Doctor visits and consultations can also require additional time and money, depending on a patient’s health insurance plan. 


While the price and time commitment of Semaglutide is quite daunting, Synergy Health on the Heally platform offer coupons that knock 100 dollars off your first month of treatment. This is a crucial semaglutide discount that chips away at weight loss cost. In addition to these benefits, there are plenty of other ways to mitigate prescription costs. Patient assistance programs through Novo Nordisk, the manufacturer of Ozempic, offer medications at no cost.  

How much does semaglutide injections cost with or without insurance?

Weight loss injection costs can range from free (for patient assistance program participants) to 600 dollars a month. With insurance, some patients may be able to receive reduced semaglutide prescription costs. It is important to note that most insurance plans do not cover semaglutide for weight loss and often require patients to meet criteria in order to earn the semaglutide discount. Researching your health plan and contacting your insurance as well as speaking to your doctor are two key ways to receive a reduced semaglutide cost with insurance.  Without insurance, patients will pay out of pocket, but are still able to take advantage of patient assistance programs or coupons. 

The semaglutide cost without insurance per month at Heally is $299. This amount is not dependent on dosage, because injections pens, of all strengths, carry the same weight loss injections cost. With an average potential cost of 400 dollars per month for the Ozempic for weight loss treatment, it’s important to budget accordingly. 

Where to find discounts on semaglutide

As the cost of semaglutide can be quite high for some patients, it is important to know where discounts can be found. The first stop for discounts on semaglutide begins with the Novo Nordisk patient assistance program. This program helps only certain individuals who meet the criteria and can eliminate the monthly cost of semaglutide. For patients who don’t meet the criteria and are still looking for alternative discounts, Clinics on the Heally platform offers coupons for 100 dollars off your first month of treatment. This deduction to the weight loss shots cost can be a very valuable insight to consider when shopping around. 

Weight loss injections cost: a comparison of options

Ozempic vs Rybelsus cost

Amongst all weight loss medications, Ozempic and Rybelsus carry the least weight loss cost. Each medication comes in at around $400 per month. Though each comes out to the same semaglutide cost per month, Ozempic is currently available in stronger doses than Rybelsus. In addition, Ozempic also appears to cause a lower frequency of common side effects

Monjauro vs Wegovy cost

Monjauro and Wegovy are two other forms of treatment that carry a slightly higher weight loss injections costMonjauro comes in at about $500 per month, while Wegovy comes out to $600 per month. Monjauro, despite being a lower semaglutide cost per month, has been shown to be more effective in causing weight loss. Studies have shown that over a one and a half year period, patients on Monjauro lost a whopping 20% of their body weight, compared to 15% of body weight for patients taking Wegovy. 

Metformin vs Ozempic cost

Metformin, an alternative medication for weight loss, can be much more cost-effective, coming in at about $30 for a supply of 60 tablets. Despite the lower weight loss cost, the drug has been shown to be far less effective than semaglutide variants. Patients taking the drug for weight loss reportedly experience an average of only 6 pounds of weight loss after one year of treatment. Compared with the other options, this is far less effective. 


Considering the Semaglutide cost differences, effectiveness and other factors such as common side effects, it is important to research and make an informed decision. Consultations with healthcare professionals and exploring cost saving options are crucial moves towards cutting the weight loss cost down as much as possible. 



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