Why Should I Work with a Breathing Coach?


You might be pretty good at breathing already, but can a breathing coach help? After all, it’s a basic human function we shouldn’t even have to think about. But did you know you can train your body to breathe better and more effectively? Breathing does so much more than simply bring oxygen to the body. Proper, deliberate breathing has been linked to:

  • Strong mental health
  • Improving your mental focus
  • Regulating the nervous system
  • Reducing chronic pain

The idea of deliberate breathing has a few names: breathwork, functional breathing, mindful breathing, effective breathing, etc., but they all mean the same thing. Each technique may implement a slightly different approach depending on your coach, but the end goal remains the same: controlling your breathing in a way that encourages good blood flow throughout the body, stimulates the nervous system, realigns your focus, reduces anxiety and tension, relaxes your mind, and promotes an overall healthy existence.

Have you ever taken a yoga class? If so, you know the poses are just one component of the whole experience. The other part of yoga is controlling your breathing in such a way that centers your body and allows you to execute a more effective workout.

And just like yoga, you can get more out of breathwork by working with a trained breathing coach. Heally offers breathing sessions online from the comfort of your home. Here are some of the benefits of working with an experienced coach.

Breathing Coaches Are Trained to Spot Problems

man taking a deep breath

Properly credentialed breathing coaches will help you identify problems in your breathing that might be impacting how you sleep, focus, and handle pressure. Sure, you can always practice mindful breathing on your own, but breathing coaches are trained to quickly identify signals that might indicate poor breathing. From there, they can work with you to fix it and, hopefully, begin to improve your everyday wellness.

Breathing Coaches Can Provide the Right Exercises for Your Unique Needs

breathing exercise

If you’re experiencing an issue, such as anxiety or panic attacks, anger issues, or even poor sleep, we urge you to consult with a breathing coach. They’re familiar with the different types of breathwork and the benefits of each one. They can recommend the right breathing exercises based on the results you’re seeking.

This can help you meet your breathing goals more quickly and effectively than trial and error on your own.

Helping You Control Your Breathing

control breathing

Like we mentioned, each breathing technique is slightly different and is used for different goals. The general idea is slow, deliberate breaths that are usually longer on the exhale than the inhale. While you may understand the general concept of breathwork, it can be difficult to remember to control your breathing when you’re in a difficult situation, such as an anxiety-inducing scenario that brings about panic.

A breathing coach will help you practice breathing exercises on a schedule until they become second nature to you. They provide the accountability you need to stick with the exercises, so they can be as effective as possible when you truly need them.

Ready to Try a Breathing Coach?

Integrative and functional medicine takes a whole-patient approach and aims to treat the disease, not just the symptoms. Talk with a breathing coach at Heally today. We offer telehealth visits for holistic medicine as well as breathwork sessions.


Interested in using breathing techniques as an alternative treatment?