Past Life Regression and its Potential Benefits

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Past life regression is the idea that you can unlock and address feelings and memories from past lives you’ve lived. It is sometimes referred to as past life hypnosis. Not everyone believes in a past life, also known as reincarnation; but for those who do, past lives are fundamental explanations for the kinds of lives we currently lead. Traumas, experiences, and emotions are thought to carry over from one life to the next and influence our present life. 

The purpose of past life regression therapy is to recall past memories and release previous traumas. This encourages a healthier, present life. PLR therapy is designed to align you with your subconscious self, and help you identify why you feel deep connections with certain people, places, or things by remembering certain parts of your past lives. 

Scientific Evidence for Past Life Regression Therapy


Past life regression therapy involves a set of beliefs and principles that aren’t necessarily supported by traditional scientific institutions. It’s important to remember this before beginning your sessions. However, PLR therapy stems from the idea of reincarnation, which is a closely-held, principal belief in religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. Hindus and Buddhists believe in the cycle of birth and death. A soul or spirit can transcend into any living thing, according to this set of beliefs, typically reborn as a plant, animal, or human. 

Some young children recall memories from what they claim to be a past life. Dr. Jim Tucker, of The University of Virginia’s Division of Perceptual Studies, continues to explore the idea of children recalling their past lives. Dr. Tucker has been focusing on past life regression in children for over 20 years. In his book, Return to Life, Dr. Tucker relays accounts of children he’s worked with; who have verifiable past-life memories, including in WWII and Hollywood. Dr. Tucker recommends children do not undergo past life hypnosis. He relies on children’s spontaneous and unprovoked accounts for his research. 

Who Benefits From Past Life Regression Therapy? 


There are numerous reported benefits from past life regression therapy, including emotional and mental relief, a stronger sense of peace, a greater ability to forgive, and a shift in priorities. Some even say PLR therapy can reduce the fear of death. People with anxiety, depression, past traumas, and other mental health conditions are often among those who seek past life regression therapy. Many times, patients pursue PLR therapy to unearth a deep-seated emotional imbalance that doesn’t respond to traditional treatment. 

How to Experience Past Life Regression 


You can do past life regression work by yourself, but you likely won’t see the same results as you would working with an experienced practitioner. A knowledgeable past life regression expert can calmly guide you towards your subconscious mind. 

Past life regression therapy sessions require the individual to be relaxed, open-minded, and comfortable. Hesitancy or critiques about the process can create blocks that prevent you from experiencing the full benefits of past life therapy, according to some practitioners. During your session, you’ll be asked a series of questions that trigger memories and feelings you felt in a past life.

Keep in mind, negative emotions are not off the table. While this practice is designed to yield a positive result, you might encounter painful or traumatic memories during your session. That’s why working with a professional is important. You can be guided through these feelings in a safe, comfortable, and experienced environment. 

How to Find The Therapy Practitioner 

Past life regression therapy sessions don’t require an in-person appointment. You can access the benefits of this experience through online video chats if you prefer. You must be comfortable with the practitioner you select. Before choosing a provider, ask questions about their specific processes, like: 

  • What if I begin to feel uncomfortable during a session? 
  • How will you lead me through negative feelings? 
  • What steps do you take to ensure I process and digest what was uncovered during my session with you? 

This will give you a better understanding of how they conduct past life regression therapy sessions, and from there, you can determine if this particular therapist is the right fit for you. 

Finding the Right Alternative Health Treatments

Heally’s network of online and in-person doctors is focused on integrative therapies, like past life regression, hypnosis, and accessing medical marijuana. We look at the whole person, not just a symptom or disease. If you’re interested in adding integrative health techniques like past life regression therapy into your care plan, learn more about hypnotherapy today. 


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