Can Hypnosis Help You To Quit Smoking?

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Studies show hypnotherapy sessions could have a positive effect on your smoking habits potentially allowing you to quit smoking. A 2019 study says self-hypnosis is associated with a six-month abstinence rate of 25-35%. 

So what exactly is hypnosis? And what makes it a potentially effective treatment option for smokers looking to drop their habit?

What Is Hypnosis? 


Hypnotherapy isn’t like what you see in the movies. It’s closer to a meditative and calmed state of mind than mind control. However, the goal is to make your meditative and calmed state of mind feel routine and “trance-like”. Similar to when you drive your car home from work, it’s almost like you’re in a trance after repeating the routine so many times. 

A hypnotherapy session won’t persuade you to do anything you don’t want to do. In fact, hypnosis can only work if you allow it to happen. You need to have a relaxed, “all-in” state of mind, allowing you to trust your hypnosis guide’s verbal cues and direction to reap the benefits. 

Hypnotherapy is generally considered a safe treatment, especially when conducted under a licensed healthcare professional. 

Cigarettes and Their Effect on Your Health (And Wallet) 


Any step you take towards kicking your smoking habit is a good one. Cigarettes are harmful, and there’s plenty of research to prove that. 

You also save money when you quit smoking, restore your oral health, liven your hair and skin, and generally feel better across the board. Many former smokers also report breathing better, sleeping better at night, and smelling and tasting their food better. Former smokers can save between $1,380 and $2,540 annually, depending on where they live. 

It’s Not Just You, All Smokers Struggle to Quit Smoking 

It’s not easy to just ditch your cigarettes and move on, despite knowing the health repercussions and potential savings. 

Smoking tobacco is highly addictive because of the compound nicotine. Nicotine releases dopamine in your brain when inhaled. Dopamine is often referred to as the “pleasure chemical” because it makes you feel happy and uplifted. 

Your brain is relying on cigarettes to provide a dopamine hit if you’re addicted to nicotine. Addicts experience withdrawal symptoms like depression, anxiety, nausea, body chills, and other physical symptoms without nicotine. That’s why quitting tobacco is a major obstacle, and every step taken to replace that habit should be celebrated. 

Need more proof that quitting your nicotine habit is tough? Half of all cigarette smokers try to quit permanently every single year, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Yet, only 6% are able to quit in that given year. 

That’s why so many smokers seek methods to help them quit smoking. Techniques and tools like prescription medications, patches, gum, chewing on sunflower seeds or ice, and replacing your smoking habit with a 10-minute walk flood support forums. Hypnosis is beginning to make its way into more and more of these conversations, and it has people wondering if it really works. 

How Does Hypnosis Help You To Quit Smoking?

First, understand that you won’t suddenly be repulsed by cigarettes after one session. You’re not being put under a spell. Instead, hypnotherapy involves working with your mind to become more open to suggestions and positive changes you need to make in your life. You have to do the mental work to make that happen, but hypnotherapy’s techniques can make that much simpler. Hypnosis has the power to help soothe physical pain, anxiety, depression, and addiction. 

You can complete a hypnosis to quit smoking session in as little as 20 minutes, ending your time feeling refreshed and uplifted. With the help of your hypnotherapist, you will enter a calm state of mind and be ready to receive their words with a malleable mind. Keep in mind, all hypnotherapists operate a bit differently, but you’ll typically hear things like this:

  • Smoking is harmful to your body
  • You can save money if you don’t smoke 
  • You should find another way to unwind, you will feel better for it
  • Your family deserves a healthy mom, dad, sister, etc.

Finding The Right Hypnotherapist

Your hypnotherapist should be able to tell you the specific processes they use to help you achieve your goal. Ask questions like the ones down below when searching for a hypnotherapist:

  • How do you ensure my comfortability during a session? 
  • How can I best prepare my mind for an effective session with you?
  • How long have you been practicing hypnotherapy?

Heally’s network of holistic practitioners can help you find the right practitioner that specializes in hypnosis to quit smoking. You can choose an in-person doctor or attend a virtual hypnotherapy session

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