What you need to know about Utah medical marijuana

utah medical marijuana

A bit over two years ago, Utah’s first medical cannabis dispensary opened up, opening the doors for Utah medical marijuana consumption. Now, there are over 40,000 Utah medical marijuana users. Out-of-state medical marijuana consumers can receive a medical marijuana prescription but must educate themselves on the laws before going to the dispensary. Under Utah law, patients may possess a one-month supply based on their prescribed dosage of four ounces of flower or 20 grams of THC. Utah patients may not cultivate their cannabis.

Utah medical marijuana covered conditions include:

  •  Multiple sclerosis or persistent and debilitating muscle spasms
  •  Post-traumatic stress disorder is currently being treated and monitored by a licensed mental health therapist
  •  Autism
  •  A terminal illness when the patient’s remaining life expectancy is less than six months
  •  A condition resulting in the individual receiving hospice care
  •  A rare condition or disease that affects less than 200,000 individuals in the United States and is not adequately managed despite treatment attempts
  •  Pain lasting longer than two weeks that is not adequately managed
  •  A condition that the Compassionate Use Board approves on an individual, case-by-case basis
  •  HIV or AIDS
  •  Alzheimer’s disease
  •  Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
  •  Cancer
  •  Cachexia
  •  Persistent nausea that is not significantly responsive to traditional treatment
  •  Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis
  •  Epilepsy or debilitating seizures

utah medical marijuana

  •  Concentrated oil
  •  Liquid suspension
  •  Transdermal preparation
  •  Gelatinous cube
  •  Flower in an opaque, tamper-evident, and tamper-resistant container that contains a quantity that varies no more than 10% from the stated weight at the time of packaging
  •  Wax or resin
  • Tablet
  •  Capsule

Top-rated Utah dispensaries:

Dragonfly Wellness

This is the first dispensary that opened in Utah! Dragonfly Wellness is located at 711 S State St. in Salt Lake City. The dispensary’s core values are “patient first, innovation, quality, integrity, grow and learn”, and it seems like they keep up to them! Dragonfly Wellness sells topicals, tinctures, vaporizers, edibles, concentrated, flower, and accessories if needed. Make sure to check out their specials to find good deals on your prescription.

Beehive Farmacy

Beehive Farmacy is located at 1991 S 3600 W in Salt Lake City and 870 West 1150 South, Suite C in Brigham City. Their product list ranges from topicals, tinctures, vaporizers, edibles, concentrated, flower, and accessories, with discounts as well. All of their products are grown or manufactured in Utah due to the need for the supply chain in the state to develop. The dispensary’s goal is to make the purchasing process of marijuana seamless and affordable.

Interested in using cannabis as an alternative treatment? Get your cannabis card with a licensed physician.